Peanut Peeling and Half Cutting Machine for Sale With Factory Price

A Half-grain peanut peeling machine is a machine used to remove the red skin of peanuts. Of course, the peeling machine can also peel cocoa beans, soybeans, and many grains. Many cereal processing companies will use such a machine, which is specially developed for peanut processing. This three-roll half-grain peanut machine has a wide range of uses, let’s take a look

Main functions of peanut peeling machine

Peanut peeling machine
Peanut Peeling Machine

Function 1: Used for peeling peanuts. This peanut peeling machine can peel peanuts efficiently and continuously

Function 2: Used to divide peanuts into two halves. In the deep processing of many peanuts, such as some biscuits, snacks, and desserts, the whole peanuts are not used, so this peanut peeling machine is very convenient.

Function 3: Remove germ. Some people may wonder, why do you want to remove the germ of peanuts? Peanut butter is very delicious food, but after experiments, if the peanuts are ground with germs, the processed peanut butter will have a bitter taste, which greatly affects the taste. After removing the peanut germs, the peanut butter will taste more mellow.

Use of Groundnut peeling machine

Before using the peanut peeler, you need to use a baking oven. Whether it is used for various desserts or for the production of peanut butter, the peanuts we use are roasted. The roasted peanuts taste more mellow. In addition, after roasting Roasted peanuts will also be easier to peel.

After roasting, the temperature of peanuts is higher, and the temperature during roasting can reach 180℃-200℃, so it needs to be cooled for a period of time. The outer skin of the cooled peanuts is more crispy, and it is easier to peel by the peeling machine. The rate can reach 99%.

Specific parameters of Peanut skin removing machine 

Fan power1.5KW1.5KW 
output500-600kg/h 1000kg/h
Voltage380V 380V 
frequency50HZ 50HZ
Specific parameters
Peanut skin removing machine 
Peanut Skin Removing Machine 

Preparation before peeling

Nut roasting machine
Nut Roasting Machine

The peanuts need to be roasted before the peanuts are peeled, so a peanut roaster is needed to cooperate, and then after cooling, the peanuts are peeled. Electromagnetic roasting machine