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A peanut shelling machine is equipment that is mainly used to remove peanut shells and get red peanut kernels. In addition, this machine can also remove the shell of sunflower seeds and other similar seeds, which can effectively separate the shell and seeds. And is widely used in the peanut processing industry.

The usage of groundnut sheller is increasing year by year

Effect display of peanut cracking machine
Effect Display Of Peanut Cracking Machine

Peanut is one of the main oil crops in my country and one of the main foreign exchange earning agricultural products. Peanuts can be eaten after simple processing and can be made into nutritious food and health care products after deep processing. Peanut shells can be used for biomass power generation as fuel instead of coal, and can also be comprehensively used for deep processing to add value. In recent years, with the adjustment of agricultural structure, the peanut planting area in my country has been expanding, and the peanut output has increased year by year. When peanuts are used for oil extraction, deep processing, and export commodities, peanut pods need to be shelled, and the application of peanut shellers is increasing year by year.

The characteristics of the peanut shelling machine

  • Automatic machine, high efficiency of shelling
  • The seed can be separated from the shell effectively and the damage rate is very low
  • The peanut shelling machine has a simple structure, easy to maintain, and is easy to operate
  • There are different specifications and models, to meet the different scales of production needs
  • Can be customized according to customer needs
Peanut shelling machine inventory
Peanut Shelling Machine Inventory

The harm of stones to peanut cracking machine

When the peanuts are harvested, or when the peanuts are dried, a lot of stones may be mixed into the peanuts. If the stones are poured into the machine when the peanuts are shelled by the machine, the damage to the machine will be accelerated and the peanut shelling efficiency will be reduced. It is best to simply pick out the larger stones before processing the peanut sheller. If there are too many stones, use a screening machine to remove the stones.


Factors affecting peanut shelling efficiency

1. Raw materials affect the efficiency of the peanut sheller. The hardness of the peanut shell can affect the working efficiency of the peanut sheller. The harder the peanut shell is, the slower the peanut sheller works. It can be adjusted by spraying water.

2. Preliminary screening of peanuts that need to be shelled. If a large peanut shelling machine is used, the peanuts that need to be shelled contain stones, weeds, etc., which will seriously affect the work efficiency of the equipment, so it is also important to initially screen and clean the materials.

3. The fineness requirement of peanut shelling is also the main factor affecting the working efficiency of the peanut shelling machine. In general, the finer the requirements for the peeled peanuts, the lower the working efficiency of the large peanut sheller.

The composition of the peanut shelling machine

Peanut sheller is mainly composed of a peanut inlet, peanut shells outlet, complete peanut kernels outlet, bad or broken kernels outlet, small peanut outlet, etc.

Composition of the peanut shelling machine
Composition Of The Peanut Cracking Machine

The operation steps of the peanut sheller

  • First, pour the peanuts that need to be shelled into the hopper manually.
  • Due to the force between the rotating file and the fixed grille gravure, the nut, and the shell are removed. And at the same time, the nut falls through a sieve into the air duct.
  • The wind will blow out most of the peanut shells. Leaving some peanuts and peanut kernels that have not been completely peeled off to fall into the gravity separator.
  • After the screening, transport peanut kernels to the outlet through a separate sieve facing upward.
  • Peanuts, which are still not peeled, are transported down through the screen to the hoist, where they are transported to the first step of the peeling process.
  • And so on until all the peanuts have been shelled. Correct use of peanut shellers can improve work efficiency.

Working principle of peanut shelling machine

Details of peanut shelling machine
Details Of Peanut Shelling Machine

The peanut shelling machine is composed of a frame, a fan, a rotor, a single-phase motor, a screen, a feeding hopper, a vibrating screen, a V-belt pulley, and its transmission tripod. The peanut shelling machine removes the shell of the peanut through high-speed rotation and then separates the peanut kernels through the structure of the screen.

The applicable scope of peanut sheller

Groundnut sheller
Groundnut Sheller

The peanut shelling machine is applicable to a wide range of small and medium-sized machines, suitable for processing manufacturers of different sizes. At the same time, this machine can be a stand-alone operation. But also can use in the peanut processing line, such as the peanut butter production line. It can also be used in peanut planting farms for preliminary processing of peanuts, raw material processing by seed processors, raw material processing in oil extraction factories, and factory processing of peanut snacks and snacks.

Peanut shelling cracking machine parameters

ModelProductionPowerSizeWeightPeeling rate
TZ-200200kg/hgasoline engine 170, motor/diesel engine 6 horsepower650*560*1000mm65KG≥98%
TZ-400300-400kg/hgasoline engine  170F, diesel engine 6-8 horsepower1200*700*1400mm130kg≥98%
TZ-800600-800kg/hgasoline engine 170F, diesel engine 8-10 horsepower1400*900*1600mm160KG≥98%

Automatic peanut shelling machine working video

groundnut sheller

The video shows the effect of using the peanut sheller and our customers sent a video.