How to use the groundnut shelling machine correctly

The groundnut shelling machine is a commonly used machine in agricultural production and processing. Through peanut sheller processing, peanut shells can be removed quickly and efficiently, which brings great convenience to planting and processing peanuts. Let’s continue to understand the details of peanut shellers.

The working principle of peanut sheller

The peanut shelling machine is composed of a frame, a fan, a rotor, a single-phase motor, a screen, a feeding hopper, a vibrating screen, a V-belt pulley, and its transmission tripod. The peanut shelling machine removes the shell of the peanut through high-speed rotation and then separates the peanut kernels through the structure of the screen.

Feedback after using the peanut sheller
Feedback After Using The Peanut Sheller

Why does the breakage rate of the groundnut shelling machine increase?

Generally speaking, there are three main reasons for this situation, and we can find the corresponding reasons to solve it.

1. It is the increase of damage caused by over-drying of peanuts, and then adding water properly to moisten it can add some moisture.

2. If the shell bolt clearance is too small or the blockage is serious, it will increase the damage. At this point, we need to replace the proper clearance between the housing bolts.

3. Also, the gap between the housing bolts and the lashing rollers is too small. At this time, we need to properly tighten the roller shaft box, so that’s it.

Peanut shells can also generate revenue

  • How can peanut shells be used? Now there are many regulations on fuel combustion, which prohibit burning coal. However, through the processing and utilization of peanut shells, environmentally friendly biomass fuel can be produced, mainly processed by briquetting machines. Increased utilization of peanuts.
  • It can be used for composting, and the peanut shells can be stacked and fermented to make organic fertilizer, which can be directly sprinkled in the field to improve the permeability of the soil and increase its vitality of the soil.
  • Make fungus culture medium. Cultivation of edible fungi can be mixed with a certain amount of peanut shells for the cultivation of edible fungi, and the use of peanut shells can make the medium more nutritious.

Several requirements for the correct use of the groundnut shelling machine

Factory peanut sheller
Factory Peanut Sheller

1. Requirements for peanut shellers.

①The shelling is clean and the productivity is high. For the shelling machine with a cleaning device, a high degree of cleanliness is also required.

②Low loss rate and small breakage rate. ③Simple structure, reliable use, convenient adjustment, low power consumption, certain versatility, and can remove a variety of crops to improve the utilization rate of the equipment.

2. Requirements for peanuts (peel fruit). Dry and wet peanuts are suitable, too dry will result in a high breakage rate, and too wet will affect work efficiency. Peanuts (peels) stored in rural areas are generally dry, and the following methods can be used to make them dry and wet.

① Shelling in winter, spray about 10 kg of warm water on 50 kg of peeled fruit before shelling, and cover it with plastic film for about 10 hours, and then dry it in the sun for about 1 hour to start shelling, and use plastic in other seasons The time for film coverage is about 6 hours, and the rest is the same.

②Dry peanuts (peels) can be immersed in a large pool, immediately removed and covered with plastic film for about 1 day, and then dried in the sun.