Production technology of coated peanut

Peanut coated in peanut is a popular casual snack among the public. Because it not only has the unique fragrance of peanut but also has the crisp taste of outer wrapping. In recent years, the snack industry has been developing well. And the production technology of coated peanut is not as complicated as one might expect.

The production process of wrapped peanut

Coating peanut
Wrapped Peanut

There is a special production line for peanut wrapping. And the main machines that constitute the production line are baking machine, peanut peeling machine, swinging oven, and flavoring machine. According to the actual production situation of customers, an appropriate packaging machine can also be equipped at the end of the production line.
The specific production process is as follows:

  • First of all, put the shelled peanuts into the nut roaster for baking and processing. The red outer skin of the roasted peanuts will be easily removed after being processed by the peanut peeling machine.
  • After baking and peeling the peanuts, then we can start the coating processing. Here, we need a coating machine. Which can evenly wrap flour or other coating materials on the surface of peanut kernels.
  • After that, poured the wrapped peanuts into the swinging oven for baking again. The swinging oven can make the wrapped peanuts evenly heated and make their shape more uniform.
  • The final step is the seasoning, which used by the flavoring machine. In order to evenly adhere the seasonings to the surface of the coated peanut.
  • Once all the steps are complete, the peanut wrap is ready to be made.

Selection of peanut coating recipe

At present, the main ingredients of peanut coating are a variety of powder. Including flour, starch, rice flour, and so on, this preparation technology can also apply to cashew nuts, almond kernels.

Different kinds of coating peanuts
Different Kinds Of Coating Peanuts

The manufacturer’s specific selection of the formula can be based on the local market consumer research.

Improvement of production technology of coated peanut

The production of peanuts wrapped in the original will more manually complete. And there is also no specialized peanut wrapped in the production machine. Through continuous reform and innovation, there are a lot of relevant professional machines have been developed. But the continuous automatic peanut wrapped in the production line in the current market is still very few.

The production process of this peanut wrapped production line is mainly semi-automatic, and the connection of processing links needs special operators. At the same time, compared with pure manual production, with the assistance of different machinery in each link, the production efficiency of peanut wrapped will greatly improve.

Development of peanut wrapping industry

In recent years, wrapped products account for an increasing proportion of food sales. With consumers’ preference for peanut wrapped, manufacturers keep innovating on the basis of peanut wrapped, which not only makes it more attractive in appearance but also offers more choices in taste.

Show the customer around the factory
Show The Customer Around The Factory

Therefore, the development trend of the peanut wrapping industry in the future will also be better and better.