Wet type peanut skin peeling machine

Wet type peanut skin peeling machine is the special equipment for removing the soaked peanut red outer skin. Wet peeling is a common method for peeling peanuts. The surface of the peanut after peeling is smooth and without damage. It is widely used in the early peeling treatment of peanut food.

What is wet type peanut skin peeling

In fact, there are two ways to remove the red peanut rind: wet and dry.
Wet peeling mainly involves soaking the peanuts in warm water for 3-5 minutes and then pouring the peanuts into the hopper.

By shaking the peanuts, they enter a rotating rubber roller. After the friction of the rubber ring, the peanuts’ red skin is removed and discharged through different outlets.

Factory photo
Factory Photo

Feature of the peeling machine

  • The peeling rate is high, up to 98%.
  • The peeling device is made of high-quality rubber, which does little harm to the peanut itself.
  • Low energy consumption, environmentally friendly machines, reduce environmental pollution.
  • Peel and separate at the same time to reduce unnecessary work.
  • Simple operation, stable performance, and reliable after-sales service.
Wet type peanut skin peeling machine
Wet Type Peanut Skin Peeling Machine

Technology parameter of wet type peanut skin peeling machine

ModelPowerWeightPeeling rateCapacitySize

Common machine problems and solutions

The discharge outlet discharged more peanuts without peeling

This may be due to the uneven size of the peanuts, resulting in some of them not peeling.

Peanuts can be graded before they are treated, which will greatly increase the rate of peeling.

After peeling, the crushing rate of peanuts was higher

  1. The space between cots is too small, causing some peanuts to crush as they pass through the rollers. The clearance of cots can be adjusted appropriately.
  2. Peanuts soak for too long. It is necessary to strictly follow the treatment procedure and treat the material according to the appropriate soaking time.

video of peanut skin peeling machine