How to shell green walnuts?

The peeling method of green walnut roughly divided into four kinds, each method has its own advantages and disadvantages. We need to choose a reasonable approach according to the actual situation and the scale of treatment. The following will be for you to introduce the four methods of peeling green walnut.

Natural dry

This method is the most traditional method of peeling green walnuts.

After a few days of naturally drying in the shade outdoors or indoors, walnuts, fresh from the trees, lose their moisture, begin to crease and shrivel, and the husk naturally separates from the nut.

But it doesn’t work with bad or injured walnuts, which are blackened locally, so it only works with intact peels.

In addition, the peeling cycle of this method is longer and the working efficiency is low.

Green walnuts
Green Walnuts

Chemical process

Compared with the natural dry method, using chemical agents can greatly improve the peeling efficiency of walnut.

After harvesting, soak green walnuts in a solution of 0.3%~0.5% ethephon for about 30 seconds, then pile them in the shade or indoors according to a certain thickness. Peel can be removed in about 2 days.

However, this method also has certain requirements for room temperature and humidity. The concentration of agents also needs to adjust according to the degree of maturity of green walnut.

Green walnut
Green Walnut

Artificial peel

First of all, need to use a knife to cut off the surface of the green, and then with an iron brush with clean water scrub residual green, and finally need to use toothbrushes and other tools for further cleaning.

The whole process is extremely cumbersome, and in the process will also be green skin will dye the hands black, the juice is even extremely toxic, so be very careful.

Automatic walnut peeling machine

Green walnut peeling machine
Green Walnut Peeling Machine

This kind of machine is based on the research and design of various peeling methods, which solves all kinds of troubles in the traditional peeling process of green walnut. The peeling rate is very high, and the damage to walnut is also very small, making full preparations for the subsequent processing of walnut.