Green walnut peeler | walnut skin removing machine

The green walnut is the name of the walnut-hanging fruit period. We are common in daily life walnut, walnut is generally removed after the appearance of green skin. So, how to remove the green walnut peel, this is about to talk about the machine we want to introduce: green walnut peeler.

Why use a walnut peeling machine?

Manual peeling of walnuts
Manual Peeling Of Walnuts

Before using the green walnut peeling and cleaning machine, the manual peeling method has been adopted, but it requires a lot of labor. If the green walnut peeling work is carried out for a long time, it will hurt the hands, and the pesticide peeling will cause pollution. The harvest season is very difficult. Using the machine to peel the skin saves labor and time. The key is that the peeling effect is good.

Method of walnut peeling machine

Green walnut peeler
Green Walnut Peeler

There are actually several ways to peel walnuts, including the natural dry green walnut skin, artificial skin, chemical pee, and so on. But these methods have their own advantages and disadvantages, in the peeling process will inevitably do harm to the walnut itself. Walnut peeling machine is the breakthrough to solve these problems. First of all, artificial peeling will hurt the hand skin of people, but the green walnut peeler greatly improves the safety of walnut peel. Secondly, the machine peeling effect is particularly good, will not cause the walnut natural shade dry or when the medicine peels appear the blackened phenomenon.

How the walnut skin removing machine works?

Please use the walnut peeling machine to use free rotary cutting and peeling. The walnut enters the rotary cutting hob area, and the high-speed rotating hob starts to peel the green skin of the walnut. The diameter of the walnut after peeling is small and it is not easy to be cut by the rotary cutter. Keep rolling out the rotary cutter, a small amount of unshaved green skin is removed by the wire brush, and the clean walnuts will roll out of the processing area and into the container. New unpeeled walnuts are continuously fed into the walnut peeling machine and then discharged after cleaning. The distance between the rotary cutter and the grill can be adjusted so that walnuts of different sizes can be processed.

Green walnut peeling machine
Green Walnut Peeling Machine

Structure of walnut peeling machine

The green walnut peeling machine mainly includes upper and lower protective plates, V-belt drive, gearbox, rotary cutting drum, wire brush, and other parts. The walnut peeling machine can process walnuts of different sizes by adjusting the distance between the rotary knives.

Application of green walnut skin peeler

The machine is widely used in the peeling processing of green walnut, and it is also the first step of the processing line.

After peeling the walnut shape is complete, clean, and neat, reducing a lot of unnecessary trouble.

Suitable for small and medium-sized processing enterprises or new operators.

Features of green walnut peeling machine

Factory producing walnut peeling machine
Factory Producing Walnut Peeling Machine

1. Diverse functions. The walnut peeling machine can perform walnut peeling and walnut clearing functions in one.

2. The machine removal rate is higher than 99%, and the broken rate of walnut shelling is less than 0.5%

3. The machine itself is light in weight, small in size, easy to transport, flexible, and simple to operate.

4. The operation noise of the equipment is low and the transmission is stable.

5. High efficiency, reducing labor costs and labor intensity

Model introduction of the walnut peeler

Walunt peeler
Walnut Peeler
ModelWeight (kg)Output (kg)Power (kW)Size (mm)
TZ-600753001.5 (220v)1350*660*1230
TZ-800854001.5 (220v)1550*660*1260
TZ-10009510002.2 (220v)1500*510*1320
TZ-200015021003 (380v)2100*800*1550

We have four different models of walnut peelers, If you have any questions about the model of the green walnut peeling machine or any other questions, please feel free to contact us, or you can leave your contact information, we will contact you in a timely manner.