How to choose the high-quality green walnut peeler

A high-quality walnut peeler can greatly reduce the damage to walnuts and will improve the overall efficiency of the walnut production line. So select a high-quality walnut peeler to start a business is a good start. But how to choose high – quality green walnut peeler?

Remove walnut peel

Walnut growers generally use a variety of methods when harvesting walnuts. Different methods under the walnut skin integrity are different. We need to choose the appropriate walnut peeling machine according to the actual situation of the walnut.

Traditional manual peeling
Traditional Manual Peeling

Manual shot down method

The first kind of situation is when the majority of walnuts mature, you can use bamboo or elastic cork. From the inside, out along the direction of the branches will knock down the walnut.

Special attention should be paid to: can not knock at random. So as not to damage the walnut tree shoots, affect the next year’s yield.

In this case, because most of the walnut’s green skin is cracking. So with a stick, you can knock the walnut off.

After this method, the walnut peel is preserved more, after the walnut collection should be used to peel the walnut peel machine.

Collecting method

In addition, if it is in the drought and less rain area and the number of walnut trees under the condition of not much. Can wait until the walnut peel cracking, walnut itself fell behind. The same day or the next day under the tree to pick up and collect.

In this case, walnut almost all from the green skin, only part of the residual green skin cleaning clean, only should choose the walnut cleaning machine.

Mechanical vibration method

This is an advanced method of walnut harvesting. Ten to 20 days before harvest, the trees are sprayed with ethrel solution at a concentration of 500 to 2,000 mg/l to riper the nuts quickly. Which can then be mechanically shaken to the trunk to drop the fruit into the air and collected directly.

The peel of the fruit, which is mechanically shaken, is easy to peel off. And the surface of the fruit does not have too many stains or contamination.
But after spraying ethephon, it will also cause a large number of walnut leaves to wither. Which has an adverse effect on the growth of walnut in the later period.

This method of walnut harvesting should be based on the actual degree of walnut maturity. To choose whether to need a green walnut peeling machine for processing.

High-quality green walnut peeler

High quality stainless steel of green walnut peeler
High Quality Stainless Steel Of Green Walnut Peeler

A high-quality walnut peeling machine for walnut itself to deal with small damage at the same time, but also has a high rate of peeling, peeling, and cleaning pollution-free.

Our green walnut peeler has the above performance and made of high-quality stainless steel material. And the internal blade and brush are also made of high-quality material, to ensure no damage to the walnut, walnut peel, and cleaning is the best choice.

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