Automatic green walnut peeling machine

Walnut is just picked when the outer layer is wrapped with a layer of a green shell. Want to peel the walnut shell, the first to remove the green shell of a walnut. A fully automatic green walnut peeling machine, only used for walnut peel a machine. Compared with artificial peeling, peeling efficiency is higher.

Features of automatic walnut peeling machine

Green walnut skin peeling machine
Green Walnut Skin Peeling Machine
  • This automatic walnut peeling machine is a set of green walnut peeling, walnut shell cleaning as one of the integrated processing equipment.
  • The machine is light in weight, about 300kg, small in size, easy to transport, simple in operation, flexible in use, and efficient in peeling.
  • High work efficiency, walnut green peel net rate is higher than 99%. And the damage rate of the walnut kernel is less than 0.5%.
  • Can be widely used in small and medium-sized processing enterprises or walnut processing operators.
  • 220V lighting with the power of 2.2KW is used to save energy and power. Of course, if customers have different local requirements for voltage. We can also provide a customized 380V power peeling machine with the power of 3KW.
  • The peeling machine has a low failure rate, long service life, maintenance is very convenient and fast. If there is a fault during the use of the machine, we will provide timely help.
  • Automatic walnut peeling machine cost-effective can save a lot of manpower, material resources, and financial resources, as long as two people can operate, can process about 100 tons of walnut per month.
  • Easy to install, we will also provide a detailed installation video.
  • Less investment, high income, only need to process 15-20 tons of walnut, about 4-5 days can be recovered all the equipment funds.
  • Stable operation of equipment, low noise, factory equipped with wearing parts.
Green walnut
Green Walnut

How does the peeling machine work

Green walnut peeling machine
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The automatic machine is mainly used for the free peeling method. By the high-speed rotary motion of the hob to cut the walnut green skin. And then the walnut will be transported to the wire brush for further scrubbing. Finally peeling clean walnut will be discharged from the outlet.

Picture display of the machine

Green walnut peeling machine
Green Walnut Peeling Machine