Commercial electric grain grinding mill machine/grinder

The use of the electric grinding mill machine is very wide, can grind most of the cereal products, soya-bean milk, soya-bean flour, rice milk, and so on. It can also be processed with oily crops such as peanuts. The variety of the mill also has a variety, you can according to the actual production needs to make a reasonable choice.

Electric stone mill/grinding mill machine

Stone mill
Stone Mill

Characteristics of electric stone mill

  • The machine will not heat during the grinding process. Which ensures the taste of the material and the nutrition will not be lost.
  • This type of stone mill uses the latest shaft drive technology, so high grinding efficiency.
  • The principle of the traditional stone mill and the modern pulping machine integrated to make the pulp more delicate.
  • This kind of machine can grind dry and wet materials. Dry materials will be ground into powder. And the materials containing oil after baking will be ground into the sauce.
  • Adopt grinding disc lifting technology, adjust more convenient.
  • The grinding disc is made of high-quality hemp stone. With proper hardness, durability, and fine grinding.
  • Reasonable design, easy to clean, is the best choice for food grinding.
  • Provide customized services, combined with the actual situation. If there is a voltage mismatch problem, you can switch to a diesel engine or gasoline engine.

The structure of an electric stone mill

The structure of this stone mill is relatively simple, the main structure is: hopper, manual adjustment wheel, pulp collector, slag baffle plate, filter screen, grinding wheel and so on.

Small size grinding mill machine

Small size grinding machine
Small Size Grinding Machine

Characteristics of small size grinding mill machine

  • Large diameter feeding port, fast feeding.
  • Spiral shaft made of food-grade raw material, wear-resistant, and hygienic.
  • Using high quality and durable grinding wheel, so the grinding pulp is more refined and even.
  • The grinding thickness can be adjusted and the operation is simple and convenient.
  • Dry and wet materials can be ground.

Precautions for the operation of small size grinding machine

Firstly, soft materials can be ground directly.

Before grinding materials, should clear the iron, sand, and other sundries in the materials firstly. And then soak the materials with warm water to no hardcore, and then pour into the grinding machine, so that the ground pulp will be more delicate.

After each use, the machine should be cleaned in time to prevent the residue from moldy. Which will cause pollution to the material when used again.

A variety of grinding machines

The kinds of grinding machine are various, in addition to the above electric stone mill and small size grinding machine, there are butter making machine can also be used for grinding materials.

Fully automatic grinding machine
Fully Automatic Grinding Machine

The customer should still choose according to the actual budget and material output.