How is a cocoa powder manufactured?

Cocoa powder is a kind of brown powder that can extract and refine from the cocoa beans. It is rich in protein, various amino acids, and vitamins, and has many benefits to the human body. There are many processes involved in making cocoa. Here is a brief introduction to how to make the powder.

Nutritional value

The cocoa powder extracted from the cocoa beans has a pure flavor and fine texture. In addition to protein, amino acids, and vitamins, it also has a variety of alkaloids with biological activities. This alkaloid has the functions of strengthening the stomach and stimulating the secretion of gastric juice, which can effectively improve the problems of intestinal diseases.

Cocoa beans
Cocoa Beans

On the other hand, the chemical composition of cocoa powder can effectively prevent and treat heart disease, diabetes, hypertension, and other diseases.
(Just remember: you can’t eat it if you have stomach problems.)

What is a good cocoa powder like?

Generally speaking, whether the powder is a quality product is mainly judged from the following points:

  1. Look: Good cocoa doesn’t crinkle because it has very little water. Secondly, natural cocoa powders tend to be light brown, and if they are darker, cocoa peels or food coloring may have been added.
  2. Touch: high-quality powder with finger twist, feel will be very delicate.
  3. Smell: Natural cocoa smells like a light, delicate aroma. After brewing, powder with a rich and long-lasting aroma is preferred.

How to make cocoa powder

In fact, cocoas go through multiple processes before being made into a powder.

First of all, with the cocoa butter making machine the cocoa beans into cocoa butter, the cocoa butter is containing oil after grinding, so the next step will be to use an oil press, to separate the cocoa butter containing some grease. The processed material forms a cake, which is finally broken up and dried, and then ground.

Peanut butter making machine
Cocoa Butter Making Machine

A grinding machine has the advantages of a good grinding effect and high grinding efficiency. And it is also an indispensable step in the cocoa production line.

Fully automatic grinding machine
Cocoa Powder Grinding Machine