Cocoa powder packing machine

The cocoa powder packing machine is a machine specially designed for packing cocoa powder, mainly used in the last step of the cocoa production line. At the same time, this kind of packing machine has the unique advantages of full automation, saving time and effort, and widely welcomed by the major manufacturers.

Cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is very common in daily life, appearing in chocolate, cake, drinks, candy, bread, and other foods. In addition, cocoa also has the effect of calming nerves, reducing weight, and reducing blood pressure. In today’s era of the pursuit of raw food, it is widely loved by consumers.

Cocoa powder
Cocoa Powder

The final step in the production process is the packaging of the cocoa powder, which can then sold directly to consumers.

Features of cocoa powder packing machine

  • In addition to cocoa powder, it also can be packing a wide range of other powders.
  • Simple operation, using PLC control and man-machine interface operating system, so the operation is more intuitive and convenient.
  • We can also adjust the different packing bag according to actual demand.
  • Intelligent and perfect prevention system to ensure the yield of finished products, no waste of packaging materials and materials.
  • The packaging part of the cocoa powder packaging machine is made of stainless steel. Which ensures the hygiene of the material as well as corrosion resistance.
  • A high degree of an intelligent machine, weighing, and packaging have been automated.
  • This kind of packing machine uses an oil-free vacuum pump, which avoids pollution to the environment.
Wide range of application
Wide Range Of Application

Model parameters of packing machine

ModelTHB4-320AT-L1 or L2 or L3THB4-320C1-T3
Bag style3 side sealBack seal
Packing speed24-60 bag/min24-60 bag/min
Bag length30-150mm30-180mm
Bag width25-145mm25-145mm
Filling range 0.5-3ml、3-10ml、10-60ml 40-220ml
Power2.2kw 2.2kw 
Dimensions650*1050*1750mm 650*1050*1950mm 
Carton Size1100*750*1820mm1100*750*1820mm

Operation procedure of cocoa powder packing machine

  1. After the power is switched on, set the packaging parameters on the display screen. Wait until the temperature of the horizontal seal and vertical seal reaches the preset temperature. Then mount the packaging film and put the word particles into the printer.
  2. Pour the cocoa powder into the bucket.
  3. When the temperature reaches the set value, the packaging can begin. And the material is measured and blanked by the measuring screw.
  4. Then the packaging film is automatically bagged from the drawing system to the bag-maker.
  5. After the bag is formed into a bag shape of the back seal or side seal through the vertical seal. The bag then pulled to a horizontal seal or cutter device by a membrane puller.
  6. Last, the packaging bag sealed and cut off by horizontal sealing and bag cutting device. Then the packaged cocoa powder is finished.
Packaging machine details picture
Packaging Machine Details Picture