Cocoa powder making machine in India

A cocoa powder making machine is necessary for cocoa powder making. With the increasing demand for cocoa powder, the cocoa powder manufacturing industry has attracted more and more attention. Recently, our company and an Indian customer have completed the transaction of a cocoa powder making machine, and have reached a friendly cooperative relationship.

Cocoa grinder from India deals with customers

As one of the largest cocoa growers, India is also developing rapidly in the cocoa processing industry. And the customers of the cocoa powder making machine are from India.

Cocoa powder making machine
Cocoa Powder Making Machine

After the detailed communication and understanding with the customer, we also clear the customer’s needs and planning. And according to the actual situation of the customer, to develop the most reasonable scheme for customer reference, the final customer also adopted.

A new business operated by a customer

This Indian client is the first time to launch cocoa’s new business. So it needs to make full planning in advance in order to better complete the business and maximize the benefits.

In addition to the cocoa powder grinder, the customer also ordered other processing machines for making cocoa powder. Including a peeler, paste grinder, oil press, etc., equipped with a complete cocoa powder production line. Which can process the raw cocoa beans into the final cocoa powder.

Cocoa powder production line
Cocoa Powder Production Line

In addition, according to the actual needs of customers, we help customers to plan a detailed production line matching scheme and match the actual output of the machine model.

How should the cocoa powder be made?

Cocoa powder processing needs to go through several steps to complete, in the early stage of cocoa bean processing, we need to first pretreatment cocoa beans, then remove some of the impurities in the harvest of cocoa beans. The beans are then dried, peeled, ground, and buttered.

In addition, if you are considering this business, you should also consider using quality cocoa suppliers, but if you grow your own cocoa, you do not need to plan for this.

A picture display of old customers visiting our factory

Lead the customer around the factory
Lead The Customer Around The Factory