Peanut Roaster Machine Sold to Indonesia

In the past few months, our team has been working hard to expand our international market, with a special focus on Indonesia, a dynamic and opportunity market. I am pleased to inform you that our peanut roaster machine has helped our Indonesian customers achieve excellent sales results, earning us high recognition and trust from our customers. Let’s learn more about this cooperation together.

Why Does the Indonesian Customer Buy a Peanut Roaster Machine?

The Indonesian customer is the manager of a nut processing plant. After years of experience in the nut field, the Indonesian customer decided to purchase a peanut roaster for roasting nuts such as peanuts, walnuts, almonds, and pistachios after evaluating the strength and needs of his processing plant. The Indonesian customer was looking for a machine that would be efficient and improve the quality of the roasted nuts.

Why Does the Indonesian Customer Choose Us?

The Indonesian customer analyzed various models of peanut roasters in detail, and after comparing them, the Indonesian customer chose the peanut roaster with an output of 1500kg per hour from Taizy Machinery Factory. The peanut roaster from Taizy is very smart and I can set the temperature and time according to different types of nuts,” said the Indonesian customer. This machine works very efficiently and I am very keen to own one.”

Peanut Roaster Machine Parameters

Transmission Power13.2KW
Heating Power260KW
Baked Yield1500KG/H
Peanut Roaster Machine Parameters