Peanut Half Slicer Sold to South Sudan

Over the past few years, our peanut half slicers have achieved remarkable success worldwide, bringing productivity gains and cost reductions to many organizations. We are particularly pleased to share a success story of our peanut half-slicer in the South Sudan market.

What are the Needs of the South Sudanese Customer?

The South Sudanese customer is a local exporter due to clearer standards for export. Previously, their factory’s peanut half-production requirements were also more stringent, most of the products can pass the international standard. However, with the continuous shortage of workers in society and the labor cost becoming higher and higher, the South Sudanese customer decided to purchase a peanut halving machine, expecting to reduce the cost and increase the production efficiency at the same time.

The Shopping Process for the South Sudanese Customer

The South Sudanese customer looking for an efficient peanut halving machine discovered Taizy Machinery Factory through global market research. After an in-depth understanding, he was attracted by our factory’s advanced technology, excellent performance, and outstanding after-sales service. After talking with our manager and watching the product demonstration, the South Sudanese customer confirmed the reliability and adaptability of the peanut halving machine and finally chose us as their strategic partner for modernizing their production process.

What Results Did the Peanut Half Slicer Bring?

The South Sudanese customer has chosen Taizy’s peanut half slicer to bring significant convenience to their production process. The peanut halving machine has not only increased the productivity of their plant but also reduced labor costs by automating the halving process.

The high-speed operation and precise cutting of the peanut halving machine not only accelerated the production speed but also improved the quality and consistency of their products, enabling them to better meet the demands of foreign markets for their peanut products. With this investment, they have managed to save on production costs, realize higher profitability, and create considerable economic value for them.