Flour coated peanut swing roasting machine shipped to Nigeria

The flour-coated peanut swing roasting machine was shipped to Nigeria in October. The swing oven is a commercial oven with a roasting function and necessary equipment for roasting nuts. This machine is mainly used in the food processing industry, beans, nuts, nuts (such as peanuts, milky white rice, boiled spiced peanuts, melon seeds, almonds, chestnuts, broad beans), etc. to reduce moisture, dry and roast cooked products.

The working principle of the flour coated peanut swing roasting machine

This machine uses an electric heating tube as a heat source, adopts a rotary rolling cage, heat conduction, heat radiation principle, and is equipped with an automatic temperature control device; hot air is used as a drying medium, and heat energy is applied to the object to be baked, and it is baked during the baking process. The roasted object is continuously advanced by the propelling device in the cage, forming an uninterrupted cycle, so that it is heated evenly, and effectively guarantees the baking quality.

The heating method of coated peanuts

Thermal oil, electric heating, gas heating, with digital temperature display. The heating is even, the color of the food is good, and the heating is not easy to paste.

Flour coated peanut swing oven instructions for Nigerian customers

The Nigerian customer is a businessman who produces coated peanut snacks. The customer had to have an oven before, but because of a long time, they needed to replace the new equipment. Then they saw our website and contacted us. They learned about the purpose of the Nigerian customer, and For daily production output, we recommend a machine with an output of 80-100kg/h to Nigerian customers. Customers of the coated peanut oven also said that the machine is very suitable. In addition, the customer bought a powder grinder. We will ship the two machines as scheduled in October.

Flour coated peanut swing roasting machine details

Voltage380v  50hz
Flour coated peanut swing roasting machine
Peanut Swing Roasting Machine