Peanut Chopping Machine

A peanut chopping machine is a kind of machine used to remove the skin of peanuts and make the peanut kernel divided into two halves. The peanuts after being peeled and cut in half have a very good taste whether they are made into salty and spicy peanuts, sweet peanut candy, or peanut butter. Peanut halving machine is suitable for peanut processing plants food processing plants and other places that have a large demand for peanut petals.

Why do We Need Peanut Chopping Machine?

Peanut peeling and splitting on the traditional way of efficiency is very low, the average worker can only process dozens of pounds a day, while a peanut chopper machine only takes ten minutes. Artificial peeling will also exist in the peanut kernel mixed with peanut skin, a peanut cut-in-half machine strong blowing system with almost no peanut skin residue, and the production of peanut petals is more hygienic, and better quality.

The blades of the peanut halving machine cut fast and cut peanut petals with a very low breakage rate. The peanut petals are also more beautiful than manual cutting. The automated production process also ensures the safety of workers.

If a company or factory wants to make peanuts into peanut butter or peanut candy, then both the peanut roasting machine and peanut half-slicker machine will help you to realize a large number of production needs and save labor and resources.

Working Principle of Peanut Chopping Machine

The peanut chopping machine consists of an inlet, separating sieve, rubbing roller, blower, outlet, etc. This peanut halves slicing machine produced by Taizy adopts food-grade rubber roller extrusion as well as differential rubbing to separate the petals, and a vibration conveying process through a low-pressure blower to separate the detached red skins, and the peanut halves will be conveyed to the outlet.


Parameters of Peanut Chopping Machine

Parameters of Peanut Chopping Machine