Production steps of peanut oil extraction

In our daily life, major cooking oil is basically peanut oil and soybean oil, the use of peanut oil can not only increase the flavor of dishes but also has many benefits to the human body. Peanut oil is more resistant to high temperatures, So frying and stir-frying, are using peanut oil, Due to the high oil yield of peanuts and the fact that peanuts are widely planted, peanuts are cheap raw materials. There is a great market demand for peanut oil extraction. Taizy has ten years of experience in exporting oil presses and can be contacted if needed.

Video of peanut oil extraction

Production steps of peanut oil extraction

Peanut shelling machine
Peanut Shelling Machine

1, Oil extraction of peanuts first to go through the shell, select the sprouted and bad, before pressing peanuts can manually peel off peanut shells, but this is more time-consuming, generally only when the amount of family oil extraction is small, only in advance of shelling at home. And now are machine shelling, the use of peanut shelling machine can be quickly shelled, not a moment peanut shells were removed. In the process of peanut rice out through the sieve, the fine peanuts will be automatically sieved off. But it is necessary to manually pick out the sprouted and broken peanuts.

Peanut shelling
Peanut Shelling

2, The use of a roasting machine roasting peanuts, peanuts in the oven for roasting, baking for about 8 minutes, the main purpose is to get out of the peanut species excess water. This degree of roasting is not the same, the color of the peanut oil pressed out will be very different. The baking paste, will not squeeze the oil, so mastering the fire is very important.

Removing moldy peanuts
Removing Moldy Peanuts

3, And then preheat the oil press, after the oil press preheat, while hot pour the fried peanuts into the oil press feed hopper. Start the oil extraction switch and carry out oil extraction. Generally need to be squeezed two to three times, generally use the screw oil press, there are automatic machine processing, as long as the prior setting can be.

4, After squeezing out the oil, will go through the oil outlet outflow. At the outlet, there is a filter cartridge to filter the oil out of the treatment, as just squeezed out of the oil contains fine oil residue. After filtering out the oil residue, peanut oil will be purer.

Peanut oil extractor
Peanut Oil Extractor

5, After the completion of the filtration, the oil will be more turbid, so it needs to be poured into the container for sedimentation. In addition, just out of the oil temperature is also relatively high, and needs to cool for a period of time

6, After the oil temperature has cooled, it can be filled into the oil pot, and the oil extraction is complete.