Peanut Roaster

A peanut roaster can roast peanuts quickly and easily. After roasting, peanuts have a golden color, crispy texture, and intense fragrance, which is a good choice for leisure food or snacks. The peanut roaster is suitable for restaurants, hotels, and peanut processing plants.

The roaster can also burn other nuts, such as walnuts, almonds, pistachios, sesame seeds, and so on. It adopts the principle of rotary roller, heat conduction, and heat radiation. It can be used in various ways as a heat source, and the baked products have a pure flavor.

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Advantages of Peanut Roasters

Peanut roaster has the advantages of large roasting capacity, good roasting effect, simple operation, and high safety, which can meet the needs of peanut roasting in commercial places.

Specifically, the peanut roaster has a large roasting capacity, which can quickly roast a large number of peanuts; it adopts the hot air heating wind roasting method, which can make the peanuts heated evenly, and roast the crispy and delicious peanuts. The mechanical operation is simple and convenient for businessmen to use. The whole machine adopts multiple safety protections to ensure the safety of use.

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How do Peanut Roasters Work?

The drum is the core component of the peanut roaster and is made of high-temperature-resistant material. There is a heating tube inside the drum, and the heat generated by the heating tube is used to roast the peanuts through infrared radiation and hot air convection.

The roasting chamber is the space where the peanuts are roasted and is made of high-temperature-resistant material. There are rollers in the roasting room, and the peanuts are roasted in the rollers.
The control system is used to control the baking temperature, baking time, and other parameters.


Different Models of Peanut Roasters

Taizy Machine Works manufactures three models of peanut dryers. Each roaster can be heated with electricity or gas.

The model TZ-DHL-2 is a relatively small machine, making it the best choice for small and medium-sized businesses. Of course, we can customize multiple heating cylinders to meet the needs of our customers. Multiple heating cylinders are relatively more cost-effective and take up less floor space than if the customer purchased multiple machines of the same model.

Models TZ-MHK-8 and TZ-MHK-12 have fully automatic constant-temperature heating to ensure the quality of roasted peanuts. With high output and high efficiency, they can meet the processing needs of large-scale factories.

In addition to this, Taizy Machinery is able to support the customization of various models according to the needs of customers. Taizy Machinery also has follow-on processing machines, such as a peanut cake machine and a peanut butter grinder. If you are in need, welcome to visit our factory and shop for products.

Peanut Roaster Parameters

Transmission Power2.2KW8.8KW13.2KW
Heating Power40KW150KW260KW
Baked Yield200KG/H1000KG/H1500KG/H
Peanut Roaster Parameters