Groundnut Chikki Making Machine | Peanut Bar Cutting Machine

Groundnut Chikki Making Machine is a machine that cuts peanut candy. The machine can also make sesame sugar, melon seed sugar, puffed rice sugar, and the machine can produce continuously and fully automatically. As a delicious snack, peanut candy is liked by many people. The peanut candy we often eat also comes in different sizes. Do you know how peanut candy is produced?

Brief introduction of peanut brittle forming machine

Peanut brittle forming machine
Peanut Brittle Forming Machine

The peanut brittle forming machine includes three main parts, namely peanut brittle forming, peanut brittle cooling part, and peanut brittle cutting. The prepared raw materials are put into the machine, and the machine will crush the peanut brittle raw materials. After the crushing, it will be cooled. After cooling, the peanut brittle will be cut into the specified size.

Video display of peanut brittle forming machine

peanut candy making line

Components of Groundnut Chikki Making Machine

The machine is mainly composed of rollers, fans, cutters, and conveyor belts. The machine will generally be equipped with four rollers to squeeze the material multiple times to make the peanut sugar sheet uniform and smooth. And each roller can be controlled individually, which ensures that the thickness of the peanut candy can be adjusted multiple times. The cooling uses a movable fan. In addition, the cutting knife used when cutting the peanut candy is composed of two parts, a cross-cutting knife, and a vertical cutting knife. When the peanut candy is cut, the vertical cutting is performed first, and then the cross-cutting is performed. Almost no waste is produced during the whole peanut sugar production process. A 99% utilization rate was reached.

How to cut peanut candy

After receiving the customer’s demand, we will first determine with the customer the size of the peanut candy that needs to be cut. The length, width, and height will be determined. The height of the peanut candy can be adjusted freely, and it can be achieved by controlling the height of the pressure roller. The width of the peanut brittle determines the number of peanut brittle blades. The conveyor belt of the forming machine is generally 560mm. The length of the peanut brittle is related to the cutting speed of the cross cutter of the peanut brittle forming machine, and it can also be adjusted. The width is fine.

Advantages of peanut candy forming machine

Peanut brittle forming machine
Peanut Brittle Forming Machine

① The main control circuit adopts imported single-chip microcomputer, man-machine interface, frequency conversion control, convenient and quick parameter setting, centralized and intuitive operation, and fully realizes humanized automatic operation control;

② The high-sensitivity electronic eye automatically and accurately tracks, the feedback information is accurate, and the error is very small;

③ Stable operation, automatic shaping, automatic conveying materials, and automatic cutting;

④ Simple operation and low labor intensity;

⑤ Continuous production, extremely high output;

⑥. The mechanical transmission system has a compact structure and a reasonable layout;

⑦. The circuit is clear and clear, and there is no need for direct maintenance.

Parameters of Peanut Bar Cutting Machine

Total power of host380V/50HZ 1.5kw   220/50HZ  2.5KW
Specification (mm)8000 mm (length) * 1300 mm (width) * 1200 mm (height)
Host weight1050kg
Finished product weight5g-300g
Parameters of peanut brittle forming machine

Raw material preparation for making peanut brittle

To make peanut candy, you need to prepare peanuts and sugar, or some other ingredients, which are blended according to the manufacturer’s production recipe. Special attention should be paid to the need to constantly stir to prevent sticking of the pan when melting the sugar. You can choose the sugar melting pan to enter the production. We have specially developed a production line for the production of peanut sugar. package of. And there are some machines for processing peanuts, peanut shelling machines, peanut peeling machines, etc.

Variety of choices of peanut brittle forming machine

The ring molding machine is another kind of peanut candy molding machine. The advantage of the machine is that there are more choices in the shape of the peanut candy produced by the machine. It can be spherical, triangular, etc., which is mainly determined by the mold of the peanut candy molding machine. The mold can also be customized. It can also produce puffed rice sugar, melon seed cakes and other products.

Peanut brittle forming machine
Peanut Brittle Forming Machine