Peanut Butter Grinding Machine | Peanut Paste-Making Machine

A peanut paste-making machine is an equipment that can directly grind peanuts into butter. The machine is a combined grinding machine, which has an advantage in the fineness of the grinding sauce. It can grind almond butter, peanut butter, sesame butter, and chili sauce. The peanut butter grinder is the most important part of the peanut butter processing process. An excellent grinder can grind better peanut butter. This machine can be used in the entire production line to form a high-yield production, and it can also be used in peanut butter shops, supermarkets, etc.

Peanut butter grinding machine
Peanut Butter Grinding Machine

What Products Can Be Processed by a Peanut Butter Grinding Machine?

Peanut butter grinder processed products
Peanut Butter Grinder Processed Products

The peanut butter grinding machine can grind products such as peanut butter, sesame paste, chili sauce, jam, etc. The peanut butter grinding machine is more powerful and can be used to produce a variety of products. In the process of producing peanut butter, whole peanuts can be put into the machine for grinding. Of course, we should pay attention to the pre-processing of peanuts, that is, the red skin of peanuts will have a bitter taste, which will affect it if it is not removed. The taste of peanut butter. In the process of commercial peanut butter production, most peanut peeling machines are used. After removing the peanut skins, they are directly placed in the grinder for grinding.

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peanut butter grinding machine inlet

precise scale

Precise scale
Grinding stator and rotor

grinding stator and rotor

peanut butter export

Peanut butter machine outlet

Peanut Butter Grinding Machine Parameters

Material processing fineness (um)20-7020-7020-7020-7020-7020-70
Main motor power kW1.55.57.5152230
output t/h0.2-0.80.2-20.2-32-42-62-8
No-load revolutions r/min3000±1003000±1003000±1003000±1003000±1003000±100
Outline dimension of pipeline discharge cm79*30*70105*40*100115*45*108115*45*108140*57*146140*57*146
Outlet dimensions of square outlet cm60*30*6285*40*9096*45*9596*45*95124*57*125124*57*125
Hopper height cm142530404545
Weight kg60180240300550580
water cooling systemEquipped with the cooling systemEquipped with the cooling systemEquipped with the cooling systemEquipped with the cooling systemEquipped with the cooling systemEquipped with the cooling system
Peanut butter grinding machine parameters

We have different models of peanut butter grinders, and the output of different models of machines is different, JM-50 is the smallest model, which can process about 0.8t/h per hour, and each model of machine is equipped with a water cooling system.

How Does a Peanut Paste-making Machine Work?

Peanut paste-making machine
Peanut Paste-Making Machine

Through the relative motion of stators and rotors of different geometric shapes under high-speed rotation, the processed materials are subjected to a strong shearing force, frictional force, and impact force when passing through their annular variable gap under the action of self-weight, air pressure, and centrifugal force. , high-frequency vibration, and other compound forces, the material is effectively dispersed, broken, emulsified, and mixed, to obtain the ideal product.

Peanut Paste-making Machine Features

Peanut paste-making machine case
Peanut Paste-Making Machine Case
  1. The nut grinder can pulverize nuts in a short time, and perform the functions of mixing, stirring, dispersing, and emulsifying.
  2. Made of stainless steel, the machine is durable and not easy to damage
  3. The operation is simple and easy to clean, the machine occupies a small area and is easy to maintain.
  4. With diverse functions, the peanut butter grinding machine can process a variety of materials and has various functions

How Can We Produce High-quality Peanut Butter?

When making peanut butter, one of the most important requirements is that the peanut butter is sufficiently delicate. The peanut butter particles must be within the micron range to ensure the quality of the peanut butter so that it is not easy to “seize”, so the peanuts can only be achieved after they are fully ground. Enough quality peanut butter.

Product peanut butter
Product Peanut Butter

Commercial Peanut Butter Production Process

Peanut paste-making machine factory inventory
Peanut Paste-Making Machine Factory Inventory

The peanut butter production line includes several important steps from peanut shelling, roasting, cooling, peeling, grinding, vacuuming, and packaging. But if the raw material purchased is peanut kernels, then there is no need to dehull the peanuts. Just roast the peanut kernels directly.

Advantages of Peanut Butter Grinding Machine

Peanut butter grinder shipment
Peanut Butter Grinder Shipment

Since the quality of peanut butter is directly related to the thickness of peanut butter, the peanut paste-making machine is only a good grinder when it can grind the peanut butter to the required fineness. Since the combined mill is carried out two times, the degree of refinement is high. Ground peanut butter can achieve a delicate taste.

Video of Peanut Paste Making Machine

peanut paste making machine