What is a peanut butter machine?

Peanut butter can be used for spreading bread, crepes, and processing raw materials for some biscuits and bread processing. It has a very rich taste and a mellow taste. So it has been very popular, so how is peanut butter produced? What machines are needed to produce peanut machine butter?

Peanut gringer
Peanut Grinder

Types of peanut butter

Peanut  butter
Groundnut Paste

The taste of peanut butter is divided into two types, granular type, and smooth type. Many people like granular peanut butter because it not only has the fineness of peanut butter, but also can be afraid to taste the mellow peanuts, but there are also a lot of kernels. Like delicate peanut butter, it is easy to spread when eating. As a peanut butter producer, you should pay attention to the different types of peanut butter to better meet customer requirements.

Different peanut butter grinder

Peanut butter machine
Peanut Butter Grinder

There are different types of peanut butter. In order to better adapt to the production of different types of peanut butter, different types of peanut butter machines have been developed.This article mainly introduces how to produce delicate peanut butter. In order to make the peanut butter texture more delicate, this is specially developed. This kind of double grinding machine can produce delicate peanut butter. During the production process, but the roasted and peeled peanut kernels into the machine and turn on the switch to produce peanut butter. It is simple and convenient to use, easy to operate, the machine has high power and high production efficiency.

Material preparation before groundnut paste machine grinding

The machine used to produce peanut butter is a peanut grinder, but before production, peanuts should be processed. First, the peanut kernels should be roasted to release the aroma of peanuts, The other is to use a peanut peeling machine to remove the peanut red coat to prevent the peanut butter from producing a bitter taste.