Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer Machine for Nut | Continuous Roasting Machine

A Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer Machine is a machine that can continuously and automatically roast. It can roast various nuts such as peanuts, melon seeds, cashews, almonds, cocoa beans, etc. It can also roast shrimps, shrimps, dried fish, and other seafood. And various fruits to make preserved fruits. Roast tea and chrysanthemums. It is a large-scale intelligent baking machine, which is very suitable for high-volume peanut butter producers and food processing plants.

Why Use a Mesh Belt Roaster

First of all, the Conveyor mesh belt dryer machine is divided into a high-temperature zone and a low-temperature zone. The baked material is cool and can be used for the next operation, or it can be directly connected to the packaging machine, which is clean and hygienic. In addition, the conveyor belt is equipped with fine mesh, which is more conducive to the transmission of hot air and saves energy and production costs. Finally, the temperature in the drying box can be adjusted and controlled by the instrument of the machine. The maximum temperature can reach 200℃, and it can also be dried at low temperatures, so different materials can be baked.

Application Range of Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer Machine

Conveyor mesh belt dryer machine
Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer Machine

For the application range of the processed raw materials, the roasting machine can dry some seafood shrimps or roast nuts, cashews, melon seeds, etc. After customer feedback and long-term experiments, the roasting machine is used in the roasting of nuts. The process was very successful, and continuous baking is very convenient. It can be combined with other machines to form a production line, or it can be used alone for baking and drying processes.

For example, it can be used in the process of peanut butter production lines to form large-scale production, and it can also be used in the process of cashew nut processing to form the industrialized, chain-type production of cashew nuts.

The Working Principle of the Continuous Roasting Machine

Dryer machine details
Dryer Machine Details

The front heat source will be absorbed by a fan and make full contact with the materials. Heat source from the side will transport hot air into the dryer at the same time. In this case, the temperature in the drying chamber is even. Before the material enters the dryer, firstly the distributor spreads the material evenly which can improve drying efficiency. Materials are sent by conveyor to the feeding inlet and continuous tile to the upper mesh belt, upper belt forward through the heating section, and transfer to the second layer belt. Finally dried material discharged from the outlet to complete the drying process.

Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer Machine Parameters

ModelCapacityHeating typeElectric consumeGas consume
single mesh belt oven100-200 kg/helectric or gas 24-30 kw/h4-8 kg/h
two mesh belts oven200-300 kg/helectric or gas36-48 kw/h8-12 kg/h
three mesh belts oven 500-600 kg/helectric or gas75-90 kw/h15-20 kg/h
Baking machine parameters
Conveyor mesh belt dryer machine delivery
Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer Machine Delivery

Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer Machine

  • Equipped with a forced dehumidification device to remove moisture from the machine to ensure product quality
  • Adopt a closed structure to ensure that it is not polluted during the baking process, and it is clean and hygienic.
  • All air inlets are equipped with filters to ensure clean air.
  • The hot air circulates heating, passing through the material from top to bottom and bottom to top, increasing the drying speed and even heating.
  • Equipped with thermal insulation settings, using rock wool with a thickness of 50mm for thermal insulation.