100kg/h peanut butter production line exported to Congo

We exported a 100kg/h peanut butter production line to Congo in May, including a roasting machine, a peanut peeling machine, peanut butter grinding machine, and a peanut butter packing machine. The capacity is 100kg/, in addition, our factory has a 100-500kg/h peanut butter production line, which can be customized according to customers’ requirements.

100 kg/h peanut butter production line customer introduction

The 100 kg/h peanut butter production line customer in Congo is just starting to produce peanut butter, the customer has built a factory and then started to purchase equipment, the customer started to want a fully automatic peanut butter production line, but the output is smaller than the price, we told the customer that the fully automatic peanut butter production line is suitable for a large output machine. We configured suitable machines for the customer, starting from peanut raw material production to peanut butter packaging with corresponding machines. The Congolese customer also wanted the idea of cocoa butter, but the capital was not quite enough, and said that he would produce peanut butter for a period of time first, and then expand the cocoa butter business.

Congo peanut butter line details

Peanut roaster



 Gas heating Size:112*58*100cm


Peanut peeling machine

Motor Power:0.55kw

 Capacity:200-300kg/h Fan power:0.75kw

Voltage:380V/220V frequency:50HZ




Peanut butter grinder


Out size:20-70 micro





Peanut butter packing machine

Number of filling heads: 1

Production 10-30 bottles / min

Capacity range: 100 ml – 1000 ml



Quantitative error: ≤±1.5%FS

Power consumption: 0.2 kW – 2 kW

Required gas source: 0.4-1.0 MPa

Air consumption: 0.1 cubic meters / minute



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