What is the best peanut butter grinding machine?

Peanut butter grinding machine is a relatively common peanut butter making machine, usually in the form of a unit or stand-alone use. Good peanut butter grinding machine can make the finished peanut butter more delicate without changing the unique taste of the peanut itself.

The structural characteristics of the best peanut butter grinding machine

Peanut butter ginder
Peanut Butter Grinder In Our Factory
  • Grinding carefully, high-speed stirring, using high speed stirring force, wet method superfine grinding, make peanut butter strong dispersion mixing;
  • Automatic circulation grinding function, when the grinding fineness of peanut butter has not reached the ideal effect. The automatic circulation tube can open to grinding peanut butter more fully until achieving the best effect;
  • Peanut grinding fine degree can be adjusted, grinding tooth hardness and high precision, not only fine grinding, and durable;
  • With a unique cooling device, the peanut grinding will not change the original taste. To ensure the quality of peanut butter;
  • The main parts of the grinding device are made of stainless steel, which is corrosion-resistant.

A wide range of uses for peanut butter grinder

According to research, more than half of the peanut crop in the United States processed into peanut butter, which has made peanut butter machines even more popular. A peanut butter grinding machine is an essential piece of equipment for peanut butter production and is ideal for both everyday household use and professional peanut butter manufacturers.

In addition to the production of peanut butter, there are many materials that can be ground by this small mill. For example, soybeans can be made into soybean milk; sesame can be made into sesame paste. As long as the materials that can be used for grinding can be processed by this peanut butter grinder.

Sesame paste
Sesame Paste

How to choose the grinding machine

Because there are many models of peanut butter grinders. It is not clear to first-time customers how to choose the right type of grinders.

The peanut butter grinding machine mainly divided into vertical and split two. And each divided into different sizes of the model, in addition, there is a unit form of grinding machine.

Combined grinding machine
Combined Grinding Machine

Customers in the selection of grinder, need to consider from the actual, including processing site, processing scale, and peanut output, etc., integrated with all the above factors, customers can choose the most in line with their own processing needs of peanut butter making machine.

A picture of finished peanut butter after grinding

Grind finely ground peanut butter
Grind Finely Ground Peanut Butter