Use a Japan peanuts roasting machine to make fish skin peanuts

There is a snack that everyone should have eaten before, but many regions call it differently. This snack is peanuts covered with a layer of flour on the outside and then baked. Let’s learn more about this snack.

Japan peanuts
Coated Peanuts

Origin of Japan peanuts

Why does this name call Japanese peanuts? There are legends because Japanese peanuts originated in Japan, and there are also statements because Japanese peanuts are sold in Japan, the sales in Japan are particularly good, so the specific origin can not be particularly sure, but it is certain that this snack is very popular in many countries beans, Japanese peanut is also called fish skin peanuts, also called coated Peanuts.

How to make Japanese peanuts?

Roasting coated peanuts
Roasting Coated Peanuts

Japanese peanut production process includes peanut raw material preparation, the need to use peanut peeling, peanut coating, and then roasted, roasted, and cooled after the seasoning, Japanese peanuts are also very many flavors, such as spicy, honey mustard, and other flavors. Finally, packaging, you can sell. One of the important production processes is peanut coating and peanut roasting.

Swing oven for roasting coated peanuts

Japan peanuts roasting machine
Japan Peanuts Roasting Machine

Since the outer layer of coated peanuts is covered with flour, it is easier to paste during the roasting process, so roasting is the key to making coated peanuts. The swing roaster oven can swing from side to side during roasting, so the Japanese beans are roasted more evenly during roasting. The machine automatically controls the production process and does not require much manual operation, so the swing oven is a professional baking oven for making Japanese beans.