Soybean grinder mill for sale

Soybean is one of the most common grains with high nutrient content. It is more convenient to brew and prepare other foods after grinding soybeans. The machine used to grind soybeans is the soybean grinder. Due to its unique structure and fine grinding technology, it has been paid more and more attention by bean processors in recent years.

Nutrient-rich soybean flour

In terms of nutritional value, soy contains 40% protein and amino acids, making it the closest grain of most plant foods to the proportion needed by the human body.

Soybean meal
Soybean Meal

In addition, soy also contains cellulose, soy sterols, potassium, magnesium, and so on. Fiber can effectively prevent the excessive absorption of sugar, to prevent diabetes has a great help; Soybean sterol, potassium, and magnesium are effective anti-salt substances because sodium is one of the main factors that cause hypertension and hypertension relapse, so soybean still can effectively prevent and cure hypertension.

How is soybean flour ground out?

If the soybean powder grinds very fine, so after the soybean milk taste will be more mellow, and will also be more popular with consumers. So how to produce the soybean powder?


Before grinding the beans, there is some preparatory work to be done. First cleaning and drying the beans, and then baking the beans properly. If the operator is usually working at home, you can put the beans into the wok and continue to stir fry. If the factory is a large number of operations, you can directly use the roaster to bake. When the beans are fragrant, we can pour them into a grinder and ground them into a powder.

Introduction of soybean grinder mill

Soybean grinder mill is the machine needed for the last step of soybean flour processing. The mill can crush and grind soybeans quickly and efficiently, and the finished products have uniform fineness. And the nutrients contained in the soybean itself will not be destroyed in the grinding process.

Soybean grinder mill
Soybean Grinder Mill

In addition, this grinder mill also made of high-quality stainless steel material. And the parts that contact the material made of food-grade materials to ensure the hygiene and safety of grinding materials.

The finished product after grinding by soybean grinder mill

Soybean flour
Soybean Flour