The cocoa bean processing plant

Cocoa beans are the product of pods cut open and are rich in multiple nutrients and benefits, as well as being used in a variety of foods. The cocoa bean processing line is the initial processing of the cocoa bean and also the preparation of the cocoa bean for later processing into other products.

The function of the cocoa bean processing plant

The production line of this cocoa bean is mainly aimed at the treatment process after cutting the cocoa pod. Which is a simple pretreatment of the cocoa bean.

Cocoa bean
The Cocoa Bean Processing Plant 6

Suitable for growers of large quantities of cocoa beans. After treatment, cocoa beans are generally ready for sale.

The steps of the cocoa bean processing line

This production line mainly consists of four steps.

Sieve out the stones

After the cocoa beans have been opened, there may be some sand mixed with it. So it is necessary to remove the stone for screening, which is also the preliminary screening of the cocoa beans.


The main purpose of this step is to dry the cocoa beans, making it easier for the next step to peel.

Factory photo
Cocoa Roasting Machine

This kind of roasting machine adopts all stainless steel body. Which has the characteristics of high roasting efficiency, uniform heating of materials, and large handling capacity. It can also be equipped with an appropriate number of furnaces according to the actual production volume of customers to achieve optimal production efficiency.

Remove the peel

The skin is more easily removed after baking and is removed completely by a peeling machine that removes skin.

Cocoa bean peeling machine
Cocoa Bean Peeling Machine

The machine does little damage to the cocoa bean. And can remove the skin of the cocoa bean with the premise of ensuring the whole kernel rate, making it the ideal peeling tool.


After the above series of steps, the initial rough processing of the cocoa beans is almost complete. But there is still one last step: screening and grading.

Cylinder round sifter
Grading Machine

The main purpose of this step is to grade the clean beans, facilitate subsequent processing of cocoa beans. At which point the initial treatment of the beans is almost complete.

Subsequent processing steps for the cocoa bean processing plant

If you are a cocoa grower, after the simple processing of the above steps, you can simply pack the beans in a large packaging machine and sell them to a manufacturer specializing in cocoa products.

If you need to further the cocoa bean processing, such as making the cocoa paste, cocoa powder. Then you can also look at the cocoa powder production line.