Cylinder round sifter for cocoa

The cylinder round sifter is new sieve equipment after the vibrating sieve and the ordinary net drum sieve. It is very common in the nut food processing industry and widely used for the sieve of all kinds of solid materials. Because of its unique structural characteristics, it solves the shortcomings of other types of screening machines. And this sifter is the preferred equipment in the nut food manufacturing industry.

The composition of the drum sieving machine

This kind of sieving machine has a simple structure. Which is mainly composed of a motor, roller device, sieve, frame, feeding port, and discharging port. The motor drives the drum device to move around the axis through the coupling to realize the sieving effect.

Cylinder round sifter

The characteristics of the cylinder round sifter

  1. High screening efficiency. The machine equipped with a comb-type screening device. No matter how mixed materials, roller screening machine can carry out high-efficiency screening
  2. The sieve component is large, compare with other types of sieve machine, the effective area of the cylinder round sifter and the material contact is larger. So no matter the machine capacity or the sieve component, there is a big increase.
  3. No pollution during operation. It can be equipped with a sealed dust cover according to the actual needs of customers to avoid dust appearing in the screening process and causing pollution to the working environment.
  4. The machine noise is small, the rotary speed of the roller screen is small, the operation is stable. In addition, there is an isolation cover, greatly reduce the noise of the equipment.
  5. There are observation windows on both sides of the machine so that the operator can observe the operation of the equipment at any time. Moreover, the top of the sealing cover of the equipment is provided with an inspection opening. Which can be taken apart at any time for maintenance without affecting the normal operation of the cylinder round sifter.

The application of cylinder round sifter

In the production line of cocoa processing, often used the cylinder round sifter. Which can not only remove the stone in the early stage of the cocoa bean processing but also grade the cocoa bean after the peel.

Cocoa bean grading
Cocoa Bean Grading

Second, in addition to the cocoa beans, the machine can also use to screen most nuts.

In addition, it can also use in the chemical industry, building materials, metallurgy, and other industries. Mainly used for material screening and grading treatment, so as to improve the quality of materials.

The detailed picture of the machine

Cylinder round sifter
Cylinder Round Sifter