How to choose the drum sieving machine?

The drum sieving machine is often used in the screening equipment, with the advantages of high screening efficiency, in the current market demand is very large. Therefore, more and more manufacturers began to produce this kind of equipment, but now the market machine form and specifications are diverse. Do you know how to choose the right drum sieving machine?

The introduction of the drum sieving machine

In fact, the structure of the drum sieving machine is very simple. Including the drum installed on the rack, the sidewall of the drum is full of screen holes, and the material is precisely because of these screen holes to achieve the screen effect. The customer can choose the appropriate screen size according to the material to screen.

Drum sieving machine
Please Select The Screen Size According To The Actual Situation

Secondly, the main working principle of the drum screen is through the continuous rotation of the drum to achieve the screening and classification of materials. Which can be based on the screening classification of different materials using different specifications of the drum screen.

The main factors affecting the drum sieving machine

As described above, the biggest factors affecting the screening efficiency of a screening machine are the diameter of the drum and the size of the screen holes.

The larger the diameter of the drum, the higher the lifting height of the material as the drum rotates, the greater the impact force of the material falling. And the contact force with the screen will also increase, the screen penetration rate will become higher. So the screening efficiency of the drum screen is proportional to the increase.

So, in general, the selection of drum diameter larger drum sieving machine will greatly improve production efficiency.

However, it is still necessary to deal with the actual materials and production environment combined with the machine configuration. Can not blindly choose not to meet the actual production needs of the large diameter drum screening machine. To avoid the situation of low equipment utilization rate.

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Roller screen and vibrating screen which is more appropriate

Drum screen and vibrating screen can play a screening role. But the screening area and operating form of the two are different.

The drum sieving machine realizes the sieving process by driving the drum motion by the motor to make the material fall freely from the height to the bottom through the sieve.

The vibrating screen is driven by the motor screen vibration so that the material through the screen.

In a word, the most important thing is to decide which kind of screening machine to choose by screening materials.