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Peanut Butter Machine Sold to Zimbabwe

Peanut butter production line

Today, we are pleased to share with you a success story of a peanut butter machine from Taizy Machine Works that ran smoothly in Zimbabwe and brought economic benefits to this customer. Peanut Butter Market in High Demand The Zimbabwean…

Peanut Half Slicer Sold to South Sudan

Peanut half slicer

Over the past few years, our peanut half slicers have achieved remarkable success worldwide, bringing productivity gains and cost reductions to many organizations. We are particularly pleased to share a success story of our peanut half-slicer in the South Sudan…

Peanut Roaster Machine Sold to Indonesia

Peanut roaster machine is being crated.

In the past few months, our team has been working hard to expand our international market, with a special focus on Indonesia, a dynamic and opportunity market. I am pleased to inform you that our peanut roaster machine has helped…

Tajikistan Customers Visit the Hazelnut Cracker Line

Hazelnut cracking machine

Recently, Tajikistan customers visited the Taizy factory and purchased the hazelnut cracker machine for opening a slit in hazelnuts. The hazelnut cracker machine is specially designed for opening nuts with high efficiency and high output. What are the Needs of…

Nuts Grading Machine


A nut grader is a machine used to sift through nuts and give them grades of different sizes. After grading the nuts through the nut grader, the nuts at each level are of uniform size, providing convenience for subsequent processing.…