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Raw material preparation before production peanut brittle

peanut candy
Peanut candy is a kind of food that we often eat. If you want to produce peanut candy products, you need to collect as much information about peanut candy as possible. First of all, you should clear it out. What kind of peanut candy do you want to produce, peanuts. There are two types of sugar, soft peanut brittle and hard peanut brittle. So let’s get to know one of the peanut candies first.

Peanut Candy Production Line | Peanut Brittle Making Machine

Peanut Brittle Production Line
The peanut candy production line is a machine that produces peanut candy. The basic production steps are sugar boiling, raw material mixing, peanut candy molding, and packaging. This production line can make peanut candies, sesame candies, and melon seed candies, and the raw materials can be automatically matched without affecting the production process. The fully automated production line has high production efficiency and controllability.

Peanut Peeling and Half Cutting Machine for Sale With Factory Price

Peanut Peeling machine
A Half-grain peanut peeling machine is a machine used to remove the red skin of peanuts. Of course, the peeling machine can also peel cocoa beans, soybeans, and many grains. Many cereal processing companies will use such a machine, which is specially developed for peanut processing. This three-roll half-grain peanut machine has a wide range of uses, let's take a look

Automatic Peanut Butter Production Line for Groundnut Paste Making

Automatic Peanut Butter Production Line
The Automatic Peanut Butter Production Line is a machine that can produce peanut butter by peeling and grinding peanuts. This machine is a fully automatic production machine with a very large output, but at the same time, we can also provide a machine with a smaller output. Peanut butter is a food that we often eat, and it is also liked by many people, so the market prospect of peanut butter is very broad. So how is peanut butter produced?

The difference between automatic and semi-automatic peanut butter lines

peanut butter
The production of peanut butter is in great demand on the market, but the peanut butter production line output is very different, and the requirements for the output of the labor and the equipment required are also different, so the company provides customers with two different peanut butter production lines, The output that these two production lines can produce is also diverse. This can meet the needs of different customers, and it can also allow more people to have their own suitable machines. While making full use of their own resources, they will not This results in idle machines and insufficient machines.

Pine Nut Processing Line | Pine Nut Production Equipment

pine nut processing line
The pine nut production line is the entire process of picking pine nuts from the tree to obtain pine cones, and then processing them into pine nuts. It includes four steps of tower removal, grading, shelling, and separation of shells and kernels. After several machine processing, white and tender pine nuts can be obtained. These processes are necessary for preproduction and processing.

What part of cashew is poisonous?

Contact with the skin of cashew nut shell extracts can cause irritation, redness, swelling and blistering. I believe we have never seen cashew nuts sold in shell. The answer is simple, cashew nut shells are poisonous.

How to Make Cashew Nut Shell Oil

Cashew nuts are poisonous and not edible, so the cashews we buy on the market have their shells removed, and some even have their skins removed. They are the kind of white cashew kernels. However, the shells of cashews are also useful. Used to squeeze oil, it is a very good industrial raw material