400kg/h peanut candy brittle production line sold to Lebanon

The peanut candy brittle production line, also known as the peanut candy production line, is a snack that uses peanuts and sugar as the main raw materials. Sesame, cashew nuts, walnuts, almonds, and other nuts can also be added to it to enrich the taste of peanut candy.

Lebanese peanut candy brittle production line customer introduction

The Lebanese customer contacted us through our website. The customer saw our introduction to the peanut sugar production equipment, so he came to us for understanding. The customer has already prepared the factory building and planning drawings. As long as the equipment is purchased, it can be put into production.

What equipment is included in the peanut candy production line?

Factory peanut candy packing machine
Factory Peanut Candy Packing Machine

The production of peanut candy is mainly to bake the raw materials, melt the sugar, mix it with sugar and then shape it on the molding machine. So the included production equipment includes a nut roasting machine—peanut peeling machine—sugar melting pot—mixer—forming machine.

When will Lebanese customers receive the peanut candy brittle production line?

Peanut candy brittle production line shipping
Peanut Candy Brittle Production Line Shipping

The customer paid us a deposit at the beginning of January. It takes about 20-25 days for our factory to complete the machine, but there are still 17 days until the Chinese New Year. The factory will have a relatively long holiday. After the Spring Festival, we will give The customer the delivery, and the customer also agreed to the delivery time.

What kind of nuts can be processed in the peanut sugar production line?

The peanut candy brittle production line can process many nuts, such as rice cake candy, almond candy, cashew candy, etc., and can also produce Shaqima. In fact, anything that can be mixed with sugar as a snack can be processed, but most customers use peanuts as the main raw material because the cost of producing peanuts is relatively low.