What kind of nuts can the apricot nut cracker machine process?

An apricot nut cracker machine is a machine that removes the hard shell from almonds to obtain almonds. The almond shelling machine can not only process almonds but also process other nuts.

Apricot nut cracker sieve
Apricot Nut Cracker Sieve

How does an apricot nut cracker machine work?

The almond shelling machine can separate the shell kernels by extruding the shell and obtain almonds by sieving. At the same time, the broken rate of almonds is low and the integrity of almonds is high.

What other nuts can the almond sheller process?

The almond sheller is suitable for many types of nuts. It can also be processed hazelnuts, peanuts, walnuts,

Nuts such as tea oil fruit and chestnut belong to the machine that can be used both dry and wet.

Advantages of almond sheller

1: Simple operation, suitable for different types of nuts
2: Small footprint. Easy to form a production line
3: High shelling rate
4: The gap is adjustable
5: Compact structure