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How does an almond slicer machine work?

almond slicer machine
The almond slicer machine can cut almonds into slices, why cut almonds into slices? It is because almonds can be used to put on cakes or bread after being cut into slices, which enrich the taste of cakes and are also very popular with consumers. The almond slicer can not only cut almonds, but also peanuts, walnuts, macadamia, cashews, and other nuts. The price of the same cake will increase due to the addition of some almond flakes. So it is necessary to use a one-day almond slicer for processing nuts.

Peanut Chopping Cutting Machine | Nut Shredder Machine

peanut cutting machine
A peanut cutter is a machine for cutting whole nuts. The machine can cut peanuts, almonds, walnuts, macadamia nuts, cashews, and other nuts. In the process of cutting peanuts, the peanuts can be either raw or cooked roasted peanuts. Processed peanuts can be used in the production of cakes and biscuits. It is suitable for peanut farms, nut processors, bread producers, biscuit processors, and nut snack producers.

Screw oil press for seeds | screw press oil extraction

Screw oil press for seeds
Screw oil press is a special machine for squeezing oil. The machine can process sesame, peanut, rapeseed, sunflower, soybean oil, but the characteristics of each oil are different, and the oil yield and the temperature of the heating machine are also different. but the screw oil press can process a variety of materials, achieving a multi-purpose machine, and the machine has a high oil output rate, which is suitable for oil press workshops, agricultural planting farms, oil press factories, etc.

What is a peanut butter machine?

produce peanut butter
There are different types of peanut butter. To better adapt to the production of different types of peanut butter, different types of peanut butter machines have been developed. This article mainly introduces how to produce delicate peanut butter. To make the peanut butter texture more delicate, this is specially developed. This kind of double grinding machine can produce delicate peanut butter. During the production process, but the roasted and peeled peanut kernels into the machine and turn on the switch to produce peanut butter. It is simple and convenient to use, easy to operate, the machine has high power and high production efficiency.

Peanut and Almond Butter Grinder | Peanut Butter machine

Peanut Butter Grinder
Peanut and Almond Butter Grinder is a machine that can directly grind peanuts into butter. The machine is a combined grinding machine, which has an advantage in the fineness of the grinding sauce. It can grind almond butter, peanut butter, sesame butter, and chili sauce. The peanut butter grinder is the most important part of the peanut butter processing process. An excellent grinder can grind better peanut butter. This machine can be used in the entire production line to form a high-yield production, and it can also be used in peanut butter shops, supermarkets, etc.

Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer Machine for Nut | Continuous Roasting Machine

Mesh Belt Dryer Machine
A Conveyor Mesh Belt Dryer Machine is a machine that can continuously and automatically roast. It can roast various nuts such as peanuts, melon seeds, cashews, almonds, cocoa beans, etc. It can also roast shrimps, shrimps, dried fish, and other seafood. And various fruits to make preserved fruits. Roast tea and chrysanthemums. It is a large-scale intelligent baking machine, which is very suitable for high-volume peanut butter producers and food processing plants.

Groundnut Chikki Making Machine | Peanut Bar Cutting Machine

Peanut Brittle Forming Machine
Groundnut Chikki Making Machine is a machine that cuts peanut candy. The machine can also make sesame sugar, melon seed sugar, puffed rice sugar, and the machine can produce continuously and fully automatically. As a delicious snack, peanut candy is liked by many people. The peanut candy we often eat also comes in different sizes. Do you know how peanut candy is produced?

Almond Cracking and Shelling Machine | Hulled Almond Processing Line

Almond Cracking and Shelling Machine
The almond cracking and shelling machine is a production line that can remove almond shells. It includes three main steps: almond grading, almond shelling, and kernel shell separation. Of course, the almond shelling production line can not only peel almond shells but also process Hazelnut, almond wood, chestnut, and other nuts. It can be widely used in the preliminary processing of nut processing plants and the deep processing of almond food.

How to make different flavors of coated peanuts

coated peanut
What flavor of coated peanuts have you ever tasted, and which flavor of coated peanut do you like best? There are many flavors of coated peanut, sweet, salty, and spicy, and the flavors are various. We often eat honey-flavored coated peanuts, coconut milk-coated peanuts, and spicy coated peanuts. So how do we produce different flavors of coated peanut?

Factory Flour Coated peanut line exported to Nigeria

Factory Flour Coated peanut line exported to Nigeria
d peanuts are a very famous snack in Nigeria. Knowing that food processors are in great demand for the coated peanut production line, the factory has increased its attention to the Nigerian region, so it has contacted many Nigerian customers. We also successfully handed over the machine. Through experiments in our own factory, we found that the production efficiency of coated peanuts is high and the product quality is good, so their efficiency has been greatly improved, and we have become a long-term partner.