Peanut Roaster Sold to Nigeria

The Nigerian customer is a businessman from northern Nigeria. He runs a small peanut processing plant that produces roasted peanuts. The customer had previously been using the traditional roasting methods of sun drying or firewood drying. This method is inefficient, costly, and not conducive to maintaining the quality of the peanuts. The Nigerian customer learned about the peanut roaster from Taizy Machinery Factory online and realized that the peanut roaster could help him improve his peanuts’ quality, yield, and efficiency.

Why does the Customer Choose Taizy’s Peanut Roaster?

The Nigerian customer did some online research on peanut roasters and he finally chose a roaster from Taizy. Because Taizy’s roaster has the following features:

  • Adjustable roasting temperature and time, which can be adjusted according to the variety and needs of the peanuts.
  • Uniform roasting can ensure that the peanuts are evenly heated and avoid scorching outside and inside.
  • Simple operation and easy to use.
  • Affordable price to fit the customer’s budget.

Satisfaction and Positive Feedback from the Nigerian Customer

This Nigerian customer who used the roaster to roast peanuts noticed a significant improvement in the taste and quality of the peanuts. The roasted peanuts were crunchier and more flavorful, and their shelf life was extended.

He is delighted with the peanut roaster. He said that the use of the peanut roaster not only improved the quality and yield of the peanuts but also saved his labor costs. He plans to continue purchasing peanut roasters in the future to expand his roasting business.

Parameters of the Peanut Roaster for Nigeria

Transmission Power2.2KW
Heating Power40kw/380v
Baked Yield200kg/h
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