The Classifier and The Separator Shipped to Guatemala

Taizy Factory is pleased to share an excellent customer case study involving Taizy Factory’s export of the classifier and the separator to Guatemala. Our valued customer has been involved in the macadamia nut industry for many years. Let’s dive into the details of this successful collaboration.

What are the Needs of the Guatemalan Customer?

The Guatemalan customer is a macadamia nut producer. In the past, the task of grading nuts in his factory was done manually, which was not only very slow in terms of efficiency, but also the size of the nuts was not uniform enough. After the shelling of macadamia nuts manual grading is also not hygienic.

Learned that some factories use nut grader machines, the Guatemala customer asked about the use of their grading machine, and a factory manager recommended him to Taizy Machinery Factory nut grading machine, Taizy nut grading machine not only to meet the customer’s needs, because of its efficiency, for the Guatemalan customer to save a lot of cost.


Solutions for the Guatemalan Customer

Based on the Guatemalan customer’s description of his needs, we recommended a three-stage grading machine. It meets the customer’s production needs and is in line with his budget.

Learning that the customer needed to produce macadamia nuts in large quantities, we recommended a shell and kernel separator. The customer was very surprised to learn about the output and efficiency of Taizy’s separator and decided to purchase one immediately.


Attentive After-sales Service

After the Guatemalan customer received the goods, we explained to the customer that the rubber part is easy to be fatigued and aged, and should be replaced periodically.

We also sent workers to Guatemala to explain in detail to the Guatemalan customer how to use the rubber parts and the precautions to be taken. The workers in the factory of the Guatemalan customer mastered the operation method and put it into production in the afternoon of the same day.

The Guatemalan customer said, “I am very satisfied with the efficiency of Taizy’s machinery. According to my rough calculation, the investment in the machine will pay off in half a month, so this investment is really worthwhile.”