How to debug automatic stainless steel peanut slicer?

An automatic stainless steel peanut slicer is a kind of professional equipment for making peanut slices. It mainly uses the pneumatic principle to complete the whole slicing process. Then in the daily use of the peanut slicer, how should we properly debug the machine so as to maximize the use efficiency of the machine?

Brief introduction of automatic peanut slicer

The automatic peanut slicing machine adopts a pneumatic feeding method to complete the peanut slicing, and the thickness of the slicing can be adjusted. Besides peanuts, it can also be used for slicing nuts such as almonds and cashews. It is a machine widely used in the food processing and manufacturing industry.

Peanut slicer
Peanut Slicer

Debugging content of stainless steel peanut slicer

In general, in the process of using the automatic stainless steel peanut slicer, the content that needs debugging mainly includes the following steps:

Steering and speed of cutter head of peanut slicer

After the power is switched on, pay attention to whether the spindle cutter head is turning correctly. The correct direction should be clockwise from above.

In addition, the motor of the peanut slicer uses an electromagnetic speed regulating motor. And the speed of the cutter head can be adjusted according to the actual requirements of the material.

Special attention should also be paid to the speed control controller to return to zero each time the slicing machine is switched on and off to avoid damage to the governor.

Air pressure regulation

After the air source is connected, clean compressed air is connected to the pressure regulating valve with an outer diameter of 8mm, and the air pressure is adjusted to 0.3-0.4MPa.

Air compressor
Air Compressor

The working frequency of the peanut slicing machine cylinder is adjusted

The lifting time of the cylinder is generally 3-4 seconds, and the pressing time is generally adjusted to 15-30 seconds according to the requirements of different thickness and the speed of the cutter head. The best pressing time is to just cut the peanuts in the cylinder completely.

Adjustment of peanut slice thickness

Pour the selected and processed peanuts into the feed mouth to continuously slice them.

When the thickness of the slice needs to be changed, the lock nut under the adjusting handle can be loosened. Adjust the handle clockwise to increase the thickness of the peanut slice and vice versa.

It can be adjusted according to the actually required thickness, and then re-lock the nut after adjustment.

Thin peanut slice
Thin Peanut Slice

Replacement method of the blade of peanut slicer

Two high-speed steel blades installed on the rotary cutting plate of this automatic stainless steel peanut slicer. When the blades used for a long time, they will cause inevitable wear and tear. When the peanuts are mixed with gravel or small stones when slicing, the wear of the blades will be accelerated.

After the blade edge is blunt and not sharp, then you need to replace the blade.

When changing the knife, the front door plate of the discharge port should be opened, the round cover plate on the machine surface should be opened, the two M6 bolts of the lock blade should be removed from the rotating cutting plate with the hexagon bolt wrench. And the blade can remove from the rotating plate, and then reinstall the new blade to complete the replacement.