Kenyan Customer Ordered Macadamia Nut Shelling Machine

The macadamia nut sheller machine is a machine that combines grading, squeezing the shells, separating the shells and kernels, and re-grading. The Kenyan customer put the machine into production immediately after receiving it, and the economic benefits have been greatly improved.


Reasons to Choose Macadamia Nut Processing Line

The Kenyan customer said: direct sales of shelled macadamia nuts, the economic benefits of the general, people prefer to buy shelled macadamia nuts. Coupled with Kenya’s local macadamia planting area continuing to expand, the number of macadamia nut processing enterprises is also increasing, in order to meet the local market demand, there is a need for a more efficient, greater output of automated macadamia nut production line in Kenya.

The Kenyan customer saw our product video display on YouTube and liked this machine from the Taizy factory so much that the customer started to contact us in the afternoon of the same day. He wanted to know the quotation for the macadamia nut processing line for commercial use and the product details.

Why did the Customer Choose Us?

The Kenyan customer learned that Taizy’s macadamia nut shelling machine for sale utilizes a fully automated production line, which is very efficient and saves time and labor costs. The macadamia nuts are graded before they are pressed into the shells to ensure that they are pressed with just the right amount of force and without any bias.

The clever setup of two shell and kernel separators greatly improves the separation efficiency and reduces the need to start all over again. The addition of a color sorter improves the quality of the product, not only selling it better but also improving the reputation of the product.

This Kenyan customer was in awe and disbelief while marveling at the wonders of our machinery manufacturing. The Kenyan customer brought their locally produced macadamia nuts to Taizy Machinery a week later with two friends, and when he saw how perfectly our macadamia nut production line ultimately de-shelled and graded the nuts, he placed his order right away.

The Kenyan customer continued to express his gratitude to our factory even after he returned home. He said, “Now my business is even better, thanks to Taizy’s excellence in machinery quality.”