Cashew nut processing machine in Nigeria

Nigeria is the eighth-largest producer of cashews in Africa, and it is one of 13 products to be encouraged for export. As a result, the cashew nut processing machine is also common in Nigeria, and are essential for cashew growers and food manufacturers.

Friendly cooperation with Nigerian customers

Nigerian customer
Nigerian Customer

Recently, a Nigerian customer ordered a complete set of machines for the processing line of cashew nuts. After the factory investigation and in-depth understanding and communication, the customer finally chose to have friendly cooperation with our company.

For the client, this is a new business him. He also hopes to develop steadily, and his business can also get better and better.

Customer purchase cashew nut processing machine introduction

The 1000kg cashew production line purchased by the Nigerian customer is suitable for small processors. The processing machine mainly includes a cashew grading machine, cashew shucking machine, shell kernel separator, kernel dryer, kernel peeling machine, kernel grading machine, and so on, and other delivery devices.

The advantages of this cashew nut production line

  • Considering the production capacity and other demands of customers. This production plant specially customized for customers by our technicians, which mainly includes the following advantages:
  • The production plant meets the actual production demand, then maximizes the utilization of machine efficiency;
  • The automatic operation also saves a lot of manpower;
  • Small floor space, convenient for manufacturers to arrange;
  • All parts of the machine in contact with cashew nuts are made of high-quality stainless steel;
  • Stable machine performance, factory will also equip with the corresponding spare wear parts;
  • The factory will send a detailed video of the machine installation to the customer. And if the customer has any other questions when receiving the goods, professional technicians will give guidance and help.

Group photo with customers

Customers visit the company
Customers Visit The Company
Customers visit the company
Customers Visit The Company