Types of cashew nut sheller

Cashew nut sheller is actually divided into several types. With the continuous development and maturity of science and technology, cashew nut sheller has also developed from completely artificial shell opening at the beginning to automatic shell opening at present, which has also witnessed the continuous progress of The Times. In fact, cashew nut sheller is mainly divided into three categories: foot manual type, semi-automatic type, automatic type.

Treadle and manual type

Treadle and manual type mainly relies on the human to complete. This kind of cashew nut sheller is also the most primitive machine to peel cashew nuts.

Treadle and manual type
Treadle And Manual Type

The method is also simple. Requiring the operator to manually place the cashews on the blade opening, and then press the pedal, the cashews can be removed.

Semi-automatic cashew nut shelling machine

Semi-automatic sheller is also divide into pneumatic and mechanical type of two.

Pneumatic type

Pneumatic cashew nut sheller
Pneumatic Type

Semi- automatic and neumatic cashew sheller, as its name implies, is pneumatic, so the machine needs to be fitted with a pneumatic machine.

The rate of shell opening is up to 95%. Compared with the manual sheller, the efficiency of sheller has greatly improved.

Mechanical type

Mechanical cashew nut sheller
Mechanical Type

This cashew sheller and pneumatic type is very similar. But the machine is driven by the speed regulating motor control, control mode is button control. Of course, you can select the voltage according to the local actual situation 380V or 220V.

Automatic cashew nut sheller

This sheller is the most efficient of all types and the most time – and labor-saving.

If you are a specialized cashew processing manufacturer, or the operation of the cashew processing line. Automatic sheller is the best choice.

Automatic cashew nut shelling machine
Automatic Cashew Nut Shelling Machine

This kind of cashew nut shelling machine can divide into several models according to the number of shells that can be opened each time.

It can produce up to 12 cashews at a time, so you can choose the right model based on the actual production.