Commercial cashew nut roaster

Commercial cashew nut roaster is a kind of machine which is especially common in the production line of cashew. Mainly used for drying cashew. This machine makes use of an automatic temperature control system. So that cashew nuts can be evenly heated in the roasting process, effectively ensuring the roasting quality.

Introduction to cashew nuts

Cashew nuts are one of the four most famous nuts in the world for their rich nutritional value.

The cashews without skin
Cashew Nuts

The content of vitamin B1 in cashew nuts is second only to sesame and peanut. Which can relieve fatigue and supplement physical strength. It is suitable for people who are easily tired.

The vitamin A in cashews is also A good antioxidant, which can make our skin shine.

Regular consumption of nuts can also strengthen the body and improve disease resistance.

As a result of these outstanding characteristics of cashew. In recent years, people are more and more enthusiastic about cashew. The development prospect of the cashew food manufacturing industry is also broader and broader, with immeasurable development potential.

Why use a cashew nut roaster

Several machines are used throughout the processing of cashews.

First of all, after the cashew nuts are shelled, you get the nuts. But at this time there is a thin layer of cashew skin on the surface of the nuts, and this layer of raw cashew skin is not edible. So the cashew nuts should be peeled.

Although there is a professional cashew peeling machine, the direct peeling will affect the rate of cashew. So the need for cashew nut roasting machine assistance.

Factory photo
Cashew Nut Roaster

After roasting the cashews in a roasting machine for a period of time. The dehydrated cashews will more easily detach from the nuts, which will greatly improve the subsequent peeling efficiency of cashews.

The convenience of a commercial cashew nut roaster

Many large cashew manufacturers process so many cashews that they cannot meet their production needs with small machines.

Automatic roasting machine
Automatic Roasting Machine

This commercial cashew roaster is not only fully automate but also can flexibly configure the number of furnaces for the roaster according to the actual production volume of customers. Which can meet the requirements of factories of different production scales.