Why use a nut grader?

There are always different brands, colors and sizes of nuts on display in supermarkets, and even some nuts of the same variety have different shapes and sizes. In fact, nuts have to go through a series of processing processes before they enter the market. The following is the preliminary processing of nuts: nut grader.

Application of nut grader

Nut grading machine is widely used in the processing field of all kinds of nuts. It is generally a preliminary grading of nuts. So, do you know why to use nut grading machine?

Why do nuts have different shapes?

Apples aren’t exactly the same size or shape that we normally eat, and nuts are, of course.

In the process of nut growth, due to the influence of different varieties and various external conditions such as climate, temperature and growing environment, even if the fruit grows in the same tree, it will not be uniform in size and shape.

Different kinds of nut
Different Kinds Of Nut

The opening of the nuts

Nut surface is a layer of hard shell, want to peel it, only with human efficiency is very low, at this time, need to use the sheller, the use of the sheller will make nuts greatly improve the efficiency of opening the shell.

But at the same time, when the sheller is cutting nuts, the gap between the blades is determined by the size of the nut, and if the nuts put into the sheller vary greatly in size, the effect of opening the shell will be greatly reduced.

Nut grading

Therefore, in order to avoid the phenomenon of reduced effect of opening the shell, it is necessary to grade nuts in advance, which needs to be applied to the nut grading machine.

Nut grading machine
Nut Grading Machine

We can choose and customize the series we need according to the actual requirements. Generally speaking, the series is divided into 3~5 levels.

Features of nut grader

  • It is applicable to the classification of most nut products and widely used
  • Fully automatic machine, easy to operate
  • Environmentally friendly machine, no pollution
  • Suitable for small and medium-sized nut manufacturers and zero-based entrepreneurs

How does the machine work

Nut grader