Raw material preparation before production peanut brittle

Peanut candy is a kind of food that we often eat. If you want to produce peanut candy products, you need to collect as much information about peanut candy as possible. First of all, you should clear it out. What kind of peanut candy do you want to produce, peanuts. There are two types of sugar, soft peanut brittle and hard peanut brittle. So let’s get to know one of the peanut candies first.

Preparation of raw materials for peanut brittle

The production of peanut candy is definitely inseparable from blooming. When we produce peanut candy, we need to peel and roast the peanut kernels. In fact, the peanuts in our peanut candy are already roasted peanuts. The taste is more mellow. In the process of making peanut brittle, the raw materials are not only peanuts but also sugar and other ingredients.

Roasting peanuts

Roasting peanuts
Roasting Peanuts

In the commercial production of peanut products, most of them are inseparable from the blooming raw roasting machine. For example, peanut butter is also made from roasted peanuts, and some peanut snacks, such as coated peanuts, are also made from peanuts. Made from ripe peanuts. Of course, peanut brittle also needs to be roasted. In the roasting process, temperature and time control are particularly necessary. Generally, peanut roasting machines will have a thermometer and a timetable.

Peanut peeling

Peanut peeling
Peanut Peeling

In addition to the hard outer shell of the peanut, the peanut kernel inside has a red coat, but this red coat is not used most of the time, because it is very bitter and will affect the taste of peanuts, so it needs to be removed. After roasting and cooling for a period of time, this coat is relatively easy to remove, but in the peanut production process, a peanut peeler is still needed to remove the red skin.

Sugar processing in peanut brittle

During the production of peanut sugar, the sugar needs to be melted in advance instead of directly adding solid granular sugar. Put the sugar into the sugar melting furnace to melt, and it needs to be stirred continuously during the melting process to prevent sticking to the pan. On the whole, the production process of peanut candy is relatively simple, and not much equipment is needed. If you want to conduct business in this area first, you can learn more about it, or you can ask a professional salesperson when buying the machine.