How to make different flavors of coated peanuts

What flavor of coated peanuts have you ever tasted, and which flavor of coated peanut do you like best? There are many flavors of coated peanut, sweet, salty, and spicy, and the flavors are various. We often eat honey-flavored coated peanuts, coconut milk-coated peanuts, and spicy coated peanuts. So how do we produce different flavors of coated peanut?

 The flavor of coated peanuts is flavored by various seasonings of different formulas, but each manufacturer will have different formulas during the production process. Even the coated peanut with honey flavor is only used for adding honey. The amount is different, there will be differences.

Diferent coated peanut
Diferent Coated Peanut

Equipment needed for seasoning coated peanut

In the seasoning, a coated peanut seasoning machine is needed to help the seasoning. The machine we use is a coated peanut flavoring machine. and the coated peanut flavoring machine has an automatic sprinkling function, and it spreads the seasoning evenly on the surface of each peanut more quickly and evenly during seasoning.

Peanut seasoning machine
peanut seasoning machine

How do you make sweet peanut?

During the production of sweet peanuts, the previous production steps are always the same. The peanuts need to be roasted, peeled, coated, roasted, seasoned and packaged. However, if you want to produce sweet peanuts, you need to change the seasoning machine to hang the peanuts. Sugar machine, a machine specially used to evenly coat sugar on nuts when hanging sugar machine. In the production of sweet peanuts, sugar can be spread on the surface of the peanuts with sugar hanging machine.

Coated peanuts related machines

Our factory has a specially coated peanut production line. And we have machines from peeling peanuts to packaging and selling. We will go through repeated experiments during the production of the machines in the factory. and we have a lot of experience in the production of coated peanuts. If you want to develop You can contact us for production in this area.