Nut processing plant

Semi-automatic peanut butter production line

Peanut butter production line
The peanut butter production line is a complete semi-automated production line, from the shell of the peanut to the final packaging is included. In fact, the production of peanut butter involves three main steps: roasting, peeling, and grinding.

Cashew nut production line

Cashew nut processing machine
From the harvest to the sale of cashews, a series of processing processes are required. These include grading, cooking, drying, shelling, sieving, drying, peeling, kernel grading, baking, and final packaging.

The cocoa bean processing plant

cocoa bean processing plant
Cocoa beans are the product of pods cut open and are rich in multiple nutrients and benefits, as well as being used in a variety of foods. The cocoa bean processing line is the initial processing of the cocoa bean and also the preparation of the cocoa bean for later processing into other products.

Cocoa powder processing machine production line

cocoa powder processing machine
The cocoa powder production line is a complete production line that can process cocoa beans into cocoa powder. Cocoa powder from the bean to the final powder consists of six steps. The whole processing process highly automates, making it the best choice for many small and medium-sized cocoa manufacturers.