Walnut Sheller Manufacturer

Choose high-quality walnut sheller manufacturers, will bring their own economic benefits multiple times. Therefore, in the choice of mechanical equipment processing manufacturers, must be from various aspects of research. A good partnership is the beginning of a successful business and entrepreneurship.

How to choose walnut sheller

A good walnut sheller will generally have the following characteristics:

  • The shelling machine fully automated with a compact structure
  • The operation procedure is simple and the performance is stable and reliable
  • Walnut shell efficiency is high, walnut damage rate is low
  • Can clear the stone inside the walnut kernel, plastic film, and other sundries
  • It is made of high-quality stainless steel and does not harm the walnut itself
Walnut sheller
Walnut Sheller

Making walnut sheller

The first step in processing or making food made from walnuts is to shell them.
For example, when walnut is extracting oil, the purpose of shelling is to improve the oil yield and improve the quality of crude oil and cake after pressing. Which is more conducive to the maximum utilization rate of subsequent materials.

The traditional walnut shelling mainly uses artificial shelling. This will not only make the operator’s fingers injured, but the efficiency of shucking will also be very low. So a large number of walnut growers need professional walnut sheller equipment to replace the manual operation.

Remove walnut peel manually
Remove Walnut Peel Manually

The emergence of walnut sheller greatly reduced the burden of growers, this machine adopts advanced sheller technology principle. The machine through the stator and rotor integrated rotation action, the walnut into the gap between the rotor will be broken. So as to achieve the purpose of opening the walnut shell.

Because of the varying sizes of walnuts, some of them may be damaged by handling walnuts of different sizes. Therefore, before the walnut into the sheller, the walnut should be graded in advance.

After grading, the walnut-size is uniform and can pass through the crushing device normally. However, when dealing with different grades of walnut. The gap distance between fixed rotors needs to be adjusted to ensure the positive yield of the peeling efficiency.

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Long-term stable cooperative customers
Long-Term Stable Cooperative Customers

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