Introduction of walnut shelling machine

Walnut shelling machine is a widely used walnut processing equipment. Because walnut has a very hard shell, so the processing industry of walnut food has formed a certain obstacle. And the application of the shelling machine for many manufacturers to bring great convenience.

The working principle of the walnut shelling machine

This machine is mainly used for peeling walnuts. According to the type and size of walnuts, can flexibly adjust the crushing device that is the gap between the stator and rotor. And then achieve the effect of shelling.

Walnut cracking machine
Walnut cracking machine

The walnut shelling machine feeds from the upper hopper. And after two conical barrels rotating with each other for peeling, the kernels and shells are fully separated. So as to facilitate manual sorting, and the working efficiency can also be greatly improved.

Matters needing attention when operating walnut shelling machine

Before the sheller begins to use, it is necessary to check whether the connection and transmission parts are loose and whether there is any abnormal phenomenon. It is also necessary to check whether the connection of the power supply and each line is normal.

Before the shelling machine shipped out of the factory. The gap between the rollers has been adjusted in advance, can be used for general walnut. But after the customer received the machine, or should process according to the walnut to further adjust.

Because the thickness and size of each species of the walnut shell are different, so the customer can first try with a few walnuts, to achieve the best effect of shelling.

Detail picture of the walnut cracking machine
Factory Inventory Chart

The operating steps of the walnut sheller

In fact, the walnut sheller belongs to a fully automated machine, the operator only needs to put the walnut continuous, appropriate amount of the machine into the top of the feeding mouth can be.

After the machine processed in accordance with the above working principle. The walnuts after being shelled will be discharged from the outlet, and just need to be ready for collection.

At the same time, the operator should strictly observe the operation precautions of the machine to ensure the safety of the machine during operation.

Machine parameter

Parameters of the walnut sheller
Photo exhibition with clients
Photo Exhibition With Clients