Commercial walnut cracker machine

Walnut cracker machine widely use in the manufacturing and processing industry of walnut products. Walnut food processing is very different from the ordinary processing of a small number of walnuts, most are independent processing line. The commercial walnut sheller is an essential machine in all walnut processing line and plays an important role.

The walnut

The walnut processing industry is booming because of the high nutritional value of the modern emphasis on nutrient intake.

Walnut biscuits
Walnut Cookies

Walnuts can also be eaten in a variety of ways. Not only can they be eaten, they can also be processed into walnut powder, walnut cookies, walnut drinks, etc.. Which is all the walnut products you can find in the supermarket.

Wide application and development of commercial walnut cracker machine

Since the finished products of walnuts are everywhere in our lives, the processing industry for walnuts must also be large.

In general, a common small and medium-sized walnut processing plants need to deal with several tons of walnuts every day. So the factory need to prepare the processing machinery and equipment fully.

Walnut sheller
Walnut Sheller

The cracking of walnuts is the first step in all walnut processing.
Traditional walnut cracker is people’s manual cracker, this way of sheller not only requires a lot of manpower, the efficiency of the cracke is also very low, with the continuous progress of technical ability, the emergence of walnut cracker machine greatly solved the walnut sheller problem.
Not only greatly reduced human labor, but also improved the efficiency of shucking.

What should a cracker be equipped with

In fact, just picked walnuts are cover with a layer of green skin. So before cracking, there is another step, that is to remove the most layer of green skin.
This needs the assistance of the green walnut peeling machine, the walnut shape processed by the peeling machine is complete, more convenient to open the shell in the next step.

Green walnut peeling machine
Green Walnut Skin Peeling Machine

After the walnut shell, there will be part of the walnut and shell is not separate, need to use the shell and kernel separator for further processing, the kernel and shell completely separated.
After all the above treatment, we can get clean walnut kernels.

Shell and kernel separating machine
Shell And Kernel Separating Machine

Work video of the commercial walnut cracker

Machine operation display