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Is there an easy way to slice almonds?

It is not difficult to find that there are many foods on the market, such as cakes, biscuits, breads, pastries and so on, with almond flake on the surface. Such food looks more beautiful in appearance, makes consumers have more appetite, and tastes great. So how do you make these slices? Is there an easy way to slice almonds?

Is the red skin of peanuts good for you

Peanuts have high nutritional value, often eat peanuts can not only supplement rich protein but also promote appetite, supplement qi, and blood. So the peanut outside that layer of the red skin can eat it? Is the red skin of peanuts good for you?

How to easily remove peanut skins

How to easily remove peanut skins
After removing the shell of a peanut, there will be a layer of the red seed coat, which is actually edible. However, there are some special peanut products that need to be made after removing the skins. Therefore, some simple techniques of removing the skins of peanut are needed to help us achieve this step better. So do you know how to easily remove peanut skins?

Can cashew nut skin be eaten?

Cashews with skin
Cashew nuts are an extremely nutritious nut and are mainly grown in Countries such as India, Brazil, Vietnam, Mozambique, and Tanzania. In recent years, people are more and more in favor of cashew nuts, cashew nuts in the market demand degree is also higher and higher. However, about the consumption of cashew nut skin, how much do you know?

Types of hot air circulation drying oven

Fruits and vegetables dried by a food dryer
Hot air circulation drying oven is a special equipment for drying materials, which can be used to dry a wide range of materials. In fact, for different handling capacity and material drying, hot air circulation drying oven has a variety of types to choose from.

Shell and kernel separation machine introduction

The shell and kernel separation machine is a device for separating nuts from nuts after they are shelled. Its application range is very wide, such as hazelnut, walnut, cashew, almond, etc., high separation efficiency, but also greatly improve the efficiency of nut processing pre-treatment.

How does a peanut shelling machine work?

Peanut shelling machine in the peanut processing field is widely used. And according to different processing capacity, also divided into different specifications. The main function is to separate the peanut shell from the peanut kernel. But do you know how this process works?

Commercial walnut cracker machine

Walnut cracker machine widely use in the manufacturing and processing industry of walnut products. Walnut food processing is very different from the ordinary processing of a small number of walnuts, most are independent processing line. The commercial walnut sheller is an essential machine in all walnut processing line and plays an important role.

Types of cashew nut sheller

Cashew nut
Cashew nut sheller is actually divided into several types. With the continuous development and maturity of science and technology, cashew nut sheller has also developed from completely artificial shell opening at the beginning to automatic shell opening at present, which has also witnessed the continuous progress of The Times. In fact, cashew nut sheller is mainly divided into three categories: foot manual type, semi-automatic type, automatic type.

Easy way to shell almonds

Shell almonds
Almonds have high nutritional and medicinal value, rich in protein, minerals and vitamins. Almonds are also a type of nut that is common in everyday life and can be divided into two types: bitter almonds and sweet almonds. However, almonds also have a seamless husk, which is not an easy thing to shell.

Why use a nut grader?

There are always different brands, colors and sizes of nuts on display in supermarkets, and even some nuts of the same variety have different shapes and sizes. In fact, nuts have to go through a series of processing processes before they enter the market. The following is the preliminary processing of nuts: nut grader.
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